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Below is a list of links to anonymous job profiles of REAL PEOPLE who have filled out our survey and offered to share their insights with our users about their job in the Industrial Engineer field.
IDJob TitleGenderAgeEarningsCity & StateDate
33676Manufacturing Training Program EngineerFemale24 $62,000Norwood, NY01/01/2010
32545Industrial Engineer AssociateMale24 $52,000New Orleans, LA01/01/2010
32539Industrial Engineer, AssociateFemale24 $48,000New Orleans, LA01/01/2010


Many people are drawn to the field of industrial engineering because of the flexibility the career provides. Industrial engineers can work in many different industries as quality improvement and productivity specialists. From streamlining product distribution systems to figuring out how to better serve demand and more effectively manufacture products, industrial engineers work hard to try to make products, businesses, and systems work better.

Industrial engineers have the technical know-how to work in a manufacturing setting, but many work for the public sector or for companies in a variety of industries from social services to finance to tech to hospitality. Industrial engineers must apply engineering methods, science, and mathematics to the systems they seek to improve. Engineers must also have good communications skills and be expert problem solvers.

An advanced degree is required for most industrial engineering positions, and salaries are usually well above national averages. Industrial engineers typically work routine business hours, although some may have evening or weekend work hours depending upon the specific nature of job tasks. Industrial engineers can work in lab or office environments but may also be outdoors or in the field.

If you are interested in becoming an industrial engineer or want to find out more about what they do, let industrial engineers with experience in the business provide you with insight into what their careers are like. Browse career profiles below that we created based on one-on-one interviews with industry professionals.

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