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Below is a list of links to anonymous job profiles of REAL PEOPLE who have filled out our survey and offered to share their insights with our users about their job in the Healthcare Administrator field.
ID Job Title Gender Age Earnings City & State Date
33306 Staffing Coordinator Male 23 $35,000 Dublin, NY 01/01/2010
33250 Managed Care Nurse Case Manage Female 43 $60,000 Mesa, AZ 01/01/2010
33133 Clinic Assistant Female 29 $32,000 Sauk Rapids, NY 01/01/2010
33051 Mental Health Liaison Female 33 $54,000 Brooklyn, NY 01/01/2010
32802 Support Worker Female 48 $35,000 St Catharines, ON 01/01/2010


Healthcare Administrators oversee the day-to-day administrative operations of healthcare facilities. They are key members of any healthcare setting and team as they ensure the smooth and efficient operation of each day.

Healthcare administrators tend to work in hospitals or doctor?s surgeries. The daily responsibilities of a healthcare administrator will vary dependent on where they work, but they will include monitoring the department?s budget and preparing accurate reports, keeping detailed record of medical supplies, informing employees of new policies and other changes, developing work schedules, ensure medical records are kept up to date and ensure all departments comply with current healthcare laws and regulations.

Most employers seek to hire healthcare administrators who have bachelor?s degrees in health care or business administration, or another related field. This is because college education provides you with an in-depth knowledge of healthcare regulations and medical terminology. As well as needing a college degree to enter the profession, healthcare administrators can also work long days during busy times, which can be draining. A career as a healthcare administrator can also be quite stressful and emotionally demanding as you will have to make tough decisions that will affect patients.

However, being a healthcare administrator offers you with varied and interesting work where you get to meet a lot of new people, meaning that no two days are the same. On top of this, the role is rewarding as you are helping with the smooth operation of healthcare settings and therefore improving the quality of many people?s experiences. There is also the added advantage of receiving a competitive salary and attractive benefits packages.

Successful healthcare administrators demonstrate outstanding written and verbal communication. They tend to be natural born problem solvers and critical thinkers who also demonstrate excellent organization and time management abilities. If this sounds like you, and you want a fast-paced and engaging career in healthcare, then we think you might just love a career as a healthcare administrator!

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