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A general contractor is hired to oversee building and construction projects and is responsible for providing material, equipment, labor, and services necessary for a construction project to be completed from start to end. They must also ensure construction projects go smoothly.

Combining skills in business, human resources management, legal compliance and the construction trade, general contractors work closely with construction project managers, architects, engineers, developers, and subcontractors including electricians, carpenters, plumbers and others within the construction industry. Most general contractors choose whether to specialize in residential, commercial, or public works projects, although some will serve on a variety of project types.

Since they typically oversee multiple building projects at once, time management skills are must in this field. These professionals are responsible for setting a price for a project, establishing a budget, providing payment to subcontractors, and scheduling all work to be performed while a construction project is underway. General contractors must secure a contractor?s license, workers? compensation, liability insurance, and all appropriate licensing to perform their work. In order to obtain permits for work to be performed and to ensure compliance with all local and national building codes, general contractors routinely deal with safety inspectors and county officials.

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