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A flooring installer is responsible for placing floor coverings in both residential and commercial buildings. Their unique skills and expertise are an essential contribution to the finishing of any building.

Flooring installers can work for big or small companies, or work for themselves as they develop more skills and experiences. Flooring installers typically have duties such as measuring materials, preparing floors, cutting and securing carpets, removing imperfection and consulting with clients.

To become a flooring installer there are no formal education requirements, which makes it an accessible career to enter. As experience and training is offered on the job, most employers will look to hire those with high school diplomas and those who show genuine motivation and commitment.

Working as a floor installer can be very physically draining, as you will constantly be on your feet, moving around and often lifting heavy flooring materials. Like all construction work, there is also a risk of injury when working as a floor installer as you will be working on building sites with lots of hazards and handling large and dangerous tools.

However, being a flooring installer is a relatively flexible career that promotes advancement and skill development. Due to the growing population, there are many new buildings being built? and what do these all need? Yes, that?s right. Floors. Therefore, there will always be a demand for skilled flooring installers, which offers job security. Flooring installers also tend to work shorter working weeks and work in small, supportive and sociable teams.

To be a successful floor installer, you should demonstrate physical fitness, stamina, and the desire to learn on the job. You should also be an excellent communicator, show attention to detail and problem-solving skills. If you have these skills, have an interest in building and are looking for an easily accessible career, then this may just be the career for you!

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