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32583 Flight Attendant Female 33 $33,000 Brooklyn, NY 01/01/2010


A flight attendant works for an airline and provides in-flight customer service to passengers. While most people think of flight attendants as the people who bring drinks and food during a trip on a plane, the primary function of a flight attendant is actually to help ensure the safety of passengers. Flight attendants are a part of the flight crew and get a briefing by their captain on safety issues for upcoming flights. Flight attendants are trained in the use of emergency equipment and supplies and have the job of inspecting safety equipment aboard the plane before each flight takes off.

Flight attendants need to be detail oriented and ready to respond to any risks facing passengers aboard the flight. They also provide assistance with boarding, offer extra help to children and special needs passengers, and ensure passengers load their carry-on bags aboard the flight in conformance with restrictions. Finally, flight attendants are trained to detect suspicious behavior on the part of passengers in order to do their part to help prevent terrorism or hijacking.

We have prepared a detailed career profile of the flight attendant profession by interviewing real-world flight attendants. Every profile contains insider details about working as a flight attendant straight from professionals in the field, so browse below to find out more.

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