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A career as a firefighter is both physically and mentally challenging. These individuals face the important responsibility of preventing and controlling fires, and they respond to other emergencies as well. Typically, if you see an ambulance rushing down the road, a fire truck is not far behind. Firefighters respond to car accidents and medical emergencies, so these individuals can face a variety of circumstances each day.

There are some individuals who are part-time firefighters, and others make being a firefighter their full-time career. These are the firefighters who will live and work in their fire stations for an extended shift, typically 24 hours at a time, which helps to ensure that a full staff is always available for fires and emergencies. However, this also means that firefighters often have to spend nights, weekends, and holidays away from home.

In addition to knowing how to operate and maintain all of the firefighting equipment, all firefighters must also have EMT certifications. This allows them to care for victims at the sight of a fire or motor vehicle accident.

To learn even more about a career as a firefighter, check out the career profiles below. We interviewed actual firefighters to find out what they do on a regular basis, how they got involved in this profession, and what they think about their job.

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