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Below is a list of links to anonymous job profiles of REAL PEOPLE who have filled out our survey and offered to share their insights with our users about their job in the Financial Analyst field.
ID Job Title Gender Age Earnings City & State Date
33767 Temp Finance Consultant Female 32 $24,000 new york, NY 01/01/2010
33761 Finance Manager Female 42 $102,000 Sparks, NY 01/01/2010
33652 Finance Analyst Female 31 $70,000 orangevale, CA 01/01/2010
33558 Sr. Financial Analyst Female 43 $50,000 Walkertown, NC 01/01/2010
33386 Consultant Female 34 $96,000 chatsworth, CA 01/01/2010


Financial analysts provide analysis reports and make financial projections for their clients. Their client base typically includes large businesses and corporations. Financial analysts predict future expenditures and revenues to help determine capital budgeting and cost structures. They may work with CFOs and company executives to develop policies and financial plans.

In addition to studying the company?s finances, analysts make suggestions about investments. They track financial trends and determine which ones may benefit or harm a company. Analysts may work for consulting firms or as independent consultants. Some large companies and corporations keep them on staff.

To become a financial analyst, it is important to have good accounting and finance skills. Solid communication and organizational skills are essential. Time management skills and the ability to influence people are also important requirements. Most people who work as financial analysts have at least a bachelor?s degree in accounting, finance, economics, or business administration. A master?s degree is required for positions with larger companies or for a role with a greater scale of responsibilities. Some companies also require candidates to have separate CFA credentials.

The best way to get a glimpse of what life is really like as a financial analyst is to learn from experienced professionals. Read our real-life career profiles to learn more. We?ve interviewed professional financial analyst to give you the inside scoop on educational and career paths, salaries, the pros and cons of the field, and more.

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