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Steven Spielberg. Alfred Hitchcock. Quentin Tarantino. These three individuals are all famous directors that you have likely heard of. But what exactly do they do?

The director oversees the making of a production. This can include films, television programs, music videos, theatre productions, and more. The job of the director begins well before the cameras ever turn on. In preproduction, this individual plays a vital role in selecting the cast members and making sure that everyone has what they need in order for filming to begin. During the filming process or creation of a production, the director puts on his or her creative hat and provides guidance to ensure that the vision is being executed by all of the actors and performers involved.

While an individual cannot just jump into the role of director, the career path to this position varies greatly. Some directors receive formal training at film school. Others learned the industry as they started out as actors, screenwriters, or film editors.

Would you like even more information on what it is really like to work as a director? We interviewed professional directors to get the inside scoop on this career path, from salaries to recommended qualifications. Simply check out the career profiles below to learn more.

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