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An express delivery driver ensures mail and packages are delivered on time to individuals and businesses. An express delivery driver may work for the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or other transportation companies that handle package and mail delivery.

Most express delivery drivers have a regular route in their local area. Commercial drivers who want to make a living driving trucks, but are not interested in long haul or interstate truck deliveries, may choose to become express delivery drivers.

The job of an express delivery driver can be physically demanding because drivers are expected to lift packages and move large items. Express delivery drivers have to work in all weather conditions, although they normally work during routine business hours, with some Saturday deliveries depending upon the company. Overtime may be necessary at busy times around holidays.

If you think becoming an express delivery driver may be a good career choice for you, you need to research what people in the profession say about what the job actually entails. That?s why we have prepared a comprehensive and detailed profile after speaking with professionals in the industry. All of our career profiles are based on interviews and information provided by those in the field, so browse the profiles below to learn more.

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