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IDJob TitleGenderAgeEarningsCity & StateDate
339631st Grade Teacher and Grade ChairmanFemale37 $57,000Collierville, TN01/01/2010
33841TeacherFemale36 $60,000McMurray, NY01/01/2010
33818Elementary School TeacherFemale40 $52,000gardena, CA01/01/2010
33830TeacherFemale46 $50,000Bushkill, PA01/01/2010
33607EducatorMale33 $60,000phila, NY01/01/2010


An elementary school teacher is responsible for creating and executing lesson plans in the classroom. It is an incredibly important and rewarding career as elementary educators are responsible for the social and intellectual development of society.

Elementary teachers work in schools from kindergarten through to fifth grade. Their main duty is to create and edit lesson plans, enforce classroom and school rules, observe and evaluate student performance, and grade homework and tests. They also have to form relationships with their students? parents and keep them updated on how they are performing.

To become an elementary school teacher, you need to earn a bachelor?s degree in elementary education and then complete an internship in an elementary classroom. You then need to take your state?s licensing exam and apply for a license through your state board of elementary education.

Elementary school teachers might find the job challenging when faced with difficult children or parents who aren?t supportive of what you think is best. Managing a classroom can also be stressful and is a lot of responsibility. However, being an elementary school teacher is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career as you will be doing what really matters; you will be making a huge difference to someone?s life and teaching children the skills they need to be successful adults. You will also get a lot of vocation time and a supportive and friendly working environment where you will get to work with other similar minded people.

To be a motivating and inspiring elementary school teacher, you will need to have a genuine passion for learning and to enjoy working with children. You also have excellent leadership, organization, teamwork and communication skills and will show empathy and compassion. If you are looking for a career with lots of holiday opportunities, where you get to work in a supportive environment and do work that is truly meaningful, then you may have just stumbled across the career for you?

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