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Mechanics routinely specialize in specific vehicle parts or vehicle types in order to increase their job opportunities and find more lucrative work. A diesel mechanic is a mechanic who has chosen to specialize in work on large commercial motor vehicles and other vehicles with diesel engines. Big rigs, tractor trailer trucks, and buses are among the types of vehicles that are generally serviced, maintained, and repaired by diesel mechanics.

A diesel mechanic must have a detailed understanding of how engines, transmissions, and other parts work on vehicles powered by diesel engines. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has strict regulations for interstate trucking companies and motor carriers who operate passenger vehicles, and vehicles must be routinely inspected and maintained. A diesel mechanic plays an important role in ensuring that the vehicles transporting goods and passengers are in working order.

On-the-job training is often required for diesel mechanics, although some mechanics will obtain formal education in trade schools or other training programs focused on diesel engine repair. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on formal industry certification for diesel mechanics, and obtaining certification can provide more employment opportunities.

Diesel mechanics typically work for trucking or bus companies or for automotive repair shops specializing in vehicles with diesel engines. Evening shifts and overtime are common, and work is physically demanding, although the work environment is usually a well-ventilated and well-lighted repair shop.

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