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If you want to pursue a full-time career that involves taking care of children on a regular basis, then working as a daycare worker is something you should consider. Daycare workers look after infants and toddlers, so they are watching and guiding these tiny humans while their parents are at work.

The necessary qualifications for becoming a daycare worker vary based on the exact requirements set by each institution. The vast majority of daycares will require a high school diploma at a minimum, while other centers will require a bachelor?s degree, an associate?s degree, or certifications in early childhood education.

The primary role of a daycare worker is to take care of the essential needs of infants and toddlers, including feeding them, putting them down for naps, and supervising them while they play. Additionally, daycares will typically organize age-appropriate activities to educate the children. They also maintain a routine for all of the children at the center to ensure they are getting enough stimulation, playtime, and rest. Lastly, since parents are not present to see what happens each day, they provide regular updates and progress reports for the families.

Check out the career profiles below for even more information on becoming a daycare worker. We interviewed individuals in this profession to learn about their educational backgrounds, what they do on a regular basis, and what advice they have for those considering a career as a daycare worker.

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