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Below is a list of links to anonymous job profiles of REAL PEOPLE who have filled out our survey and offered to share their insights with our users about their job in the Construction Manager field.
ID Job Title Gender Age Earnings City & State Date
33677 Project Manager Male 36 $110,000 Chicago, IL 01/01/2010
33589 Contractor Male 32 $60,000 pflugerville, TX 01/01/2010
32882 Project Manager Male 27 $40,000 Albuquerque, NM 01/01/2010
32712 Foreman Male 33 $71,000 Madison heights, MI 01/01/2010


Construction managers wear many hats in his day-to-day job. They oversee all aspects of a construction project, from budgeting and buying materials to scheduling and lining up tradesmen and subcontractors to get the job done.

With the option to work in the private or public sector, construction managers may work for a large construction firm or a small local builder or may serve as an independent contractor. They can work on residential and commercial projects, including the construction of houses, buildings, roads, public and municipal projects, and commercial projects.

While construction managers may occasionally do physical labor and engage in building work, they generally handle the logistics of a building project rather than performing the building work on their own. They work closely with architects, engineers, home and commercial builders, and often have the authority to hire and oversee the work of subcontractors.

Construction managers must have an understanding of labor and employment laws and workplace safety regulations, as well as an understanding of how to read and interpret blueprints and construction documents. Generally, both education in the field and real-world experience are needed in this career.

We provide unique insight into what working as a construction manager is really like, offering in-depth career profiles garnered from talking to construction managers with years of experience in the industry. Before you decide what profession is right for you, browse below to find out what life is really like for people working in the field. You can also check out other categories within the construction industry and other fields to see how professionals spend their days.

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