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Child Psychologists focus on both the conscious and subconscious development of children. They are tasked with the enormous job of ensuring the positive mental health of future generations, and with this comes with great responsibility.

Rooted in counselling and psychological theories, child psychologists work to understand what makes children tick and how they develop healthily. They work with children to diagnose and treat a variety of developmental, behavioural and emotional psychological disorders.

Child psychologists must carry out evaluations and assessments to diagnose conditions or issues in children. They must then, based on this, formulate tailored interventions and therapeutic approaches to effectively treat the young person?s problem. They also need to work closely with the child?s parents and school teacher?s to ensure they receive the help and guidance they need. Typically, child psychologists work in places such as schools, hospitals, clinics and private practices.

Child psychologists have to undergo extensive education and training, often having to complete an undergraduate degree and then further training, such as a doctoral degree. What is more, is that when child psychologists work in schools, they may work during the day and have a fixed schedule. However, those who work in healthcare or clinical settings may have to work around the clock and random schedules to meet the needs of their patients.

There is also the chance that child psychologists will experience patient violence from the children they are treating; this may not be leave physical damage, but it can cause emotional trauma. Similarly, child psychology careers can be emotionally tiresome as they have to repress emotions whilst working to help children solve their emotional problem?s.

However, despite these career challenges, overall child psychologists find their job incredibly rewarding and fulfilling as their main purpose is to help young people overcome developmental abnormalities so they can live a successful and rewarding life. There is also the option to work for themselves eventually, which provides flexibility and control. Finally, child psychologists get to work with different children every day, meaning no two days are the same and that each day is incredibly interesting, challenging and exciting.

So, now you know what a career in child psychology involves, how do you know it?s right for you?

Well, are you willing to study hard for this career and take board exams to become certified? Do you like working with children and have a genuine interest in making their lives better? ?Are you looking for a career with the possibility of working privately and with lots of progression? Do you want a highly rewarding and satisfying career? ? Then look no further, as a child psychologist may be right for you!

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