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33634Bus DriverFemale31 $27,000Pulaski, NY01/01/2010


A bus driver must have a commercial driver?s license (CDL) in order to be legally permitted to drive a vehicle carrying passengers. Bus drivers can work for the government and operate public transportation vehicles. Bus drivers may also work for school districts and operate school buses or work for private transportation companies, such as those operating tour buses or buses to recreational activities.

A bus driver, first and foremost, must have unparalleled driving skills. A record of tickets or reckless driving will usually make it impossible for a bus driver to maintain a commercial driver?s license (CDL) or gainful employment. Bus drivers often need to have good customer service skills to interact with patrons.

Hours depend on where the driver is employed; some bus driver may work regular hours, while others may work early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays. School bus drivers, for example, will work a morning and an afternoon shift with downtime in between, while the schedule of a bus driver for a commercial tour company or public transport bus will be different.

Bus drivers have talked to us about their jobs, and we have prepared a detailed profile of this profession based on the experiences of people who drive a bus for their careers. Check out all the profiles below to see what people in different professions have to say about their jobs and to find out if this career is a good fit for you.

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