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Brickmasons are responsible for the aesthetically pleasing facades of buildings. They also use bricks and structural blocks to construct patios and commercial and interior walls. As the population is continuously growing, the work of a brickmason is incredibly important for keeping up with the growing demand for buildings.

Brickmasons can work for large, or small organizations, and have the opportunity to work for themselves as they gain skills and knowledge. Like all jobs, the daily duties and responsibilities of a brickmason depend on who they work for, but they typically include laying out a structure by marking out and measuring distances, breaking or cutting bricks to the desired size, inspecting brickwork for fault and creating brick work structures.

To get your foot in the door as a brickmason, you will first need to achieve a high school diploma. After this, you will receive extensive training needed to become a good brickmason through on-the-job apprenticeship programs.

Despite being quite a physically enduring job that means working in all sorts of weather conditions, many brickmasons love their job. They enjoy that it is practical and hands-on work, that they get to work in a supportive and fun environment and that they get to work outside. A career as a brickmason is also attractive to many as it is an easy career to enter, you get trained well on the job and the working hours are normally short and sociable.

If you are physically fit, enjoy working outside, can work to deadlines, have an attention to detail and enjoy communicating and speaking to clients, then a career as a brickmason may suit all of your career needs!

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