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Below is a list of links to anonymous job profiles of REAL PEOPLE who have filled out our survey and offered to share their insights with our users about their job in the Bank Teller field.
ID Job Title Gender Age Earnings City & State Date
33822 Teller Manager Female 25 $39,000 Chicago, IL 01/01/2010
33790 Teller Female 30 $34,000 deltona, FL 01/01/2010
33318 Bank Teller Female 22 $40,000 hampstead, NC 01/01/2010
33313 Bank Teller Female 27 $37,000 Oak Ridge, TN 01/01/2010
33281 Teller Female 26 $15,000 montgomery, AL 01/01/2010


What makes banking experience pleasant? Is it the way transactions are automated? Or perhaps the customer service that you get from the tellers? Bank tellers are considered as the front-line workers in a bank. Not only do they process customer transactions such as depositing money and cashing checks, but their overall service can either make or break a bank?s brand image.

An important aspect of the job is to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction that translates to customer retention and higher bank sales. Customer service and sales in banks often go hand in hand, and these are done by bank tellers. A good bank teller can offer an enjoyable banking experience whilst trying to introduce customers to the bank?s products.

On another aspect, bank tellers are crucial in guaranteeing the accuracy of transactions recorded in the bank?s computer software which helps prevent the incurrence of losses.

A college degree may not be necessary to become a bank teller as most usually only need a high school diploma and complete the required on-the-job training. During such training, they learn all the necessary knowledge and skills required for the job.

Being a bank teller gives one a chance at advancing in the banking industry. It teaches one a lot about finance and sales, which makes for a good resume. But before that, a bank teller must live by coming in for work very early and staying way beyond banking hours to process and submit daily reports.

Above-average skills in arithmetic, meticulous and an overall pleasing personality makes for a good bank teller. If you think this best describes you, then this career is for you!

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