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Individuals who are interested in both music and technology often find the position of audio technician to be an enjoyable and fulfilling career path. From sporting events to movies to recording studio, audio technicians have a variety of opportunities available to them.

If you have ever taken the time to research the job of an audio technician, you have likely come across the title of sound engineer as well. While the two positions often have many of the same responsibilities, a sound engineer is typically a slightly more superior role. Sound engineers are able to focus more on the creative details, while audio technicians handle more of the physical duties.

So, what exactly do audio technicians do? These individuals are usually in charge of both setting up and breaking down any audio equipment that is used during a project, including the microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and cables. While the sound engineer may decide what music should be played, the audio technician is often the one who makes it happen.

To give you even more information, we have interviewed professional audio technicians to get the inside scoop on this career for you. Check out the career profiles below to learn more about what a typical day looks like, necessary qualifications, and salary expectations.

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