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33019Senior Application AnalystFemale46 $92,000malvern, PA01/01/2010


Application (app) developers are software development professionals who create the applications that we use on our smart phones and tablets every single day. They carry out important work because they keep up with the growing technology demands and the need for new, and exciting, apps.

Application developers oversee the entire life cycle of a software application: from the design of it, to the testing of functionality. Their responsibilities and duties may differ depending on who and where they work. However, typical duties include analysing data to determine an application?s requirements, documenting every aspect of the app design process for future reference, coding the application, ensuring the application runs smoothly and fixing all glitches.

To become an app developer, you will typically need a four-year bachelor?s degree in computer science, computer engineering or a related subject. Knowledge of computer programming, such as HTML, Jave, MS/SQL and PHP, is also essential which can be learnt through online courses or work experience.

Once your education is over, app developers never stop learning ? which is either a positive or negative, depending on how you look at it. Many app developers can find it frustrating that, due to the ever changing world of technology, it is difficult to become an expert in the field. On top of this, the hours of an app developer can be long when a project has strict deadlines.

However, fortunately the positives outweigh the negatives for a career in app development. Firstly, the long hours and constant learning are rewarded with a competitive salary. There is also a growing demand for app developers, due to the large increase in demand for computer software, meaning that there will be jobs available. App developers can also work in organizations, where they will work independently or in a team, or they can go freelance with ease, giving you lots of opportunities and flexibility.

To be a successful app developer, you must be creative and a problem-solver. You should be detail oriented, a good communicator and have an analytical focus. If you possess these qualities, and you want a dynamic and changing career with lots of job opportunities, then look no further?

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