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Below is a list of links to anonymous job profiles of REAL PEOPLE who have filled out our survey and offered to share their insights with our users about their job in the Account Executive field.
ID Job Title Gender Age Earnings City & State Date
33768 Account Executive Female 31 None Set Mandeville, LA 01/01/2010
33737 Assistant Account Executive Female 23 $40,000 New York, NY 01/01/2010
33066 National Sales Account Executive Male 27 $38,000 Winter Haven, FL 01/01/2010
32783 Customer Account Executive Male 26 $42,000 Colorado Springs, CO 01/01/2010
32510 Account Representative Finance Female 31 $30,000 lima, OH 01/01/2010


Account executive help grow their companies by finding leads, closing sales, supporting existing clients, formulating sales strategies and communicating product value to clients. They are crucial members of any company because they scout and build relationships with new clients, and cultivate relationships with existing ones.

Account executives typically work in advertising, marketing or finance. They act as an important link between an advertising agency and its clients. Account executives must understand the clients goals, and then organise the agency?s creative and administrative staff to help them produce effective campaigns. The typical responsibilities of an account executive depends on the industry they are in and their employer. However, typical duties include providing support for clients, making cold calls to reach out to prospective clients, developing sale strategies and selling quotas, staying current on company offerings and industry trends, maintaining a database of contact information and handling complaints and negotiations.

To become an account executive, you will typically be required to have a bachelor?s degree in business, marketing or a related field. Some fields may also require additional certifications or licenses, or additional education. However, some employers may also hire candidates without a college education, making it an accessible career path.

An account executive will work in a face-past environment and will often be faced with strong competition and pressure to meet deadlines and requirements; which isn?t suited to everyone. However, if this environment works for you then you will be rewarded with a high salary (after years of experience), frequent travel opportunities and a career which is in demand.

Successful account executives will be skilled communicators and presenters. They can easily find the best fit between the client and the product and they are passionate about doing so. They will also show strong organizational and time management skills to meet deadlines. So, if this sounds like you and if you?re not happy until your client is ecstatic, and you?re all about getting the job done, then you might make an excellent account executive.

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