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About Security Careers

A career in the security sector is perfect for those who are incredibly detail-oriented, vigilant and want to help others. The security sector is a division of the public service industry. It focuses on providing services to members by ensuring that both building and people are safe and protected.

Those who work for security services are responsible for protecting institutions, structures and society from crime, disorder or violence. The security sector encompasses a wide variety of security occupations, ranging from traditional security officers to highly skilled alarm technicians.

Security is higher on the agenda than it has ever been. Hardly any major public or private organizations operate without a team of dedicated security personnel. As a result, there will be many employment opportunities within this industry over the coming years. Jobs in this sector can be incredibly mentally and physically draining. Often, security personnel will spend a lot of time on their feet. They may also have to work long and antisocial hours. However, security careers are also incredibly rewarding as these individuals play a crucial role in protecting organizations, structures and society.

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