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Below is a list of more specific careers in the Finance field. Click the links below for our detailed career guides in each specific area, complete with real-life job profiles (informational interviews) and all the details you'd want to know to learn if that career is right for you. 

About Finance Careers

Arguably, the finance industry is one of the most important industries in the world. This industry is the primary driver of every nation’s economy. It helps every business to manage their money, take risks and pay their taxes. Without the finance industry, the modern-world would not be able to develop and progress.

There is a huge variety of different jobs available in the financial industry, all of which require an understanding of mathematics and risk-taking. Example jobs include accounting, bookkeeping, investment banking, stock broking, insurance underwriting or as an actuary.

A career in the finance industry is an excellent choice for those seeking to work in fast-paced, detail-oriented and high-pressured workplaces. Although it can be a competitive and cut-throat, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Those who have thriving financial careers get to help people and/or business succeed financially. They also get to work in an industry that is constantly adapting and changing and where they can develop and grow their skills.

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