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Below is a list of more specific careers in the Construction field. Click the links below for our detailed career guides in each specific area, complete with real-life job profiles (informational interviews) and all the details you'd want to know to learn if that career is right for you. 

About Construction Careers

The construction industry is a diverse industry that includes a wide range of careers. In short, it is responsible for anything building related and includes activities such as mining, quarrying and forestry! The construction industry also has a heavy focus on building infrastructure and includes careers that are part of the whole process, from building design and planning to project management.

Careers in the construction industry tend to be very hands on, practical and in many cases creative. Typical careers include ones such as an architect, surveyor, landscape architect or construction manager.

Construction has technically been around for as long as humans have needed roads and homes. However, due to the vastly growing population and economy, the demand for construction workers is higher than ever and this is a trend that will only increase. A career in the construction industry is also highly rewarding and satisfying. Often, those who work in this industry get to watch their work have a positive impact on a whole society and change the lives of many!

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