Unmudl Review: Pros and Cons

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If you’ve ever wanted to get the skills and education you need, in a hassle free way, to land the job of your dreams, then Unmudl may just be the e-learning platform for you. 

Powered by America’s Community Colleges, Unmudl is an e-learning platform that offers courses from community colleges and entrusted employers which are designed to give you the skills you need to get into the workplace. 

In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about Unmudl. We’ll compare Unmudl with other popular learning platforms online. We’ll also take a look at how it can help you land your dream job, it’s key features and who it is best suited for. With this information, you can then decide whether Unmudl is right for you! 

What is Unmudl?

Unmudl is an e-learning platform dedicated to connecting learners with jobs. Founded in 2019, Unmudl’s goal is to streamline all the possible pathways from course to job and, ultimately, land you with a job in the fastest time.

Powered by America’s employers and community colleges, Unmudl has hundreds of exciting job opportunities. What is more, Unmudl provides learners with courses that are most needed by companies in your area, meaning you have the best possible change of getting connected to a job. 

How Does it Work?

Unmudl works with community colleges across America to provide skill paths to learning and employment. To complete a course with Unmudl, you first need to decide what level of learning you would like to do. Short, uncertified skill top ups take a lot less time, money and effort than longer, degree-level courses. 

You can filter course by the provider, the length, the level of study and the date added. You can also find course relevant to employers in your area. Once you’ve found the course for you, simply enroll in it and start your learning. 

Top tip: Unmudl even have a checklist to help you decide if changing careers or learning a new skill is right for you right now! 


1. Variety of Learning Options

From certifications, to licenses to practice and degrees, Unmudl offers plenty of exciting ways to gather new skills and land a job. 

2. Taught by College Professors

As each of these course are offered in conjunction with community colleges, each course is taught by an experienced college professor. These professors will also mark your work, answer your questions and write you job recommendations!

3. Access to College Resources

Again, as Unmudl works with community colleges, students also get access to the resources that these colleges offer their in-person students. You will have access to the college’s library and to college advisors. 

4. Choice on what College you Graduate from

The colleges on Unmudl are working together to figure out a way in which learners can mix and match courses and still decide which college they would like to receive a certificate from. 

5. Variety in Cost

With courses starting at $3, Unmudl offers something for everyone. Unlike other online learning platforms, there are many courses on Unmudl that are affordable. 

6. Flexible Learning

With the option to do course completely online, completely in-person, or a combination of both, you can figure out a way to learn that suits you. 

7. Great Employment Opportunities 

As Unmudl work with large American employers and connects learners to them, there is the opportunity to get hired. Many employers on Unmudl hire right out of the course. You can explore which employers are hiring on the website. 

8. Variety of Courses

Some online learning platforms are industry specific. One great thing about Unmudl is that it covers courses in hundreds of industries, meaning you can gather skills in anything from MicrosoftWord to Commercial Truck Driving.


The price of Unmudl’s courses depends on the content covered, the college it is offered by, the learning style (i.e., online or in-person), the length of the course, and the level of skill required (i.e., not-certified, certified, degree). 

Basic courses start for as little as $3. More expensive course can go up to $10,000, with one of the most expensive courses being line worker training. This course covers a complexed skill and is mainly in-person, hence the price tag. 

Who is it for? 

Unmudl is for anyone looking to learn something new with the end goal of getting a job. It’s for those looking to advance the career that they are already in with a new skill, for those wanting to get into a complete new career, and for those who want to get lots of qualifications from different places. 

They have a vast list of courses, which range from non-certified courses to courses that give you a degree at the end. Some examples of Unmudl courses are:

  • Financial Coach Training, offered by Central Mexico Community College
  • Building Effective Teams, offered by Central Mexico Community College
  • An Introduction to Voiceovers, offered by SUNY Broome
  • Introduction to QuickBooks Online, offered by Mott Community College
  • Front End Web Development Bootcamp, offered by GateWay Community College


Overall, Unmudl appears to offer an incredibly efficient way to learn new skills and land a job. It has many wonderful features, such as its access to college resources, its lecturers, its flexibility in cost and learning type, and its ability to land you a job the fastest way possible. 

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