Truity – Holland Code Career Test Review

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Truity’s Holland Code Career test is a five minute test that is based around the Holland Code model. Comprised of 72 questions, this test is designed to help us understand what sorts of jobs we are likely to thrive in, based on our interests talents and aptitude.

In this article, we will explore the Holland Code Career test in more detail. Enjoy!

What is the Holland Code Model?

The Holland Code is a measure of our personality across six personality types. Each of these six personality types is determined by our interests and how we approach life situations. The six personality types introduced in the Holland Code model are:

  1. Realistic. People who like to work with ‘things’. They tend to be assertive, competitive and are interested in activities that require motor coordination, skill and strength.
  2. Investigative. People who like to work with their minds, rather than their hands. They are the the types of people who like working with ideas and concepts and like doing things that involve theory, research, and intellectual inquiry.
  3. Artistic. People who like to work with ideas. They are capable of thinking outside the box and very much enjoy coming up with new ideas and seeing things from a different perspective.
  4. Social. People who like to work with others. They enjoy serving and helping others, often finding great joy in forming close relationships with others.
  5. Enterprising. People who like to lead other people. They are incredibly sociable and have the ability to persuade others.
  6. Conventional. People who like to work with data. They are organized, accurate, methodical and like things to be done on time.

720 Personality Combinations

We are not simply just one of these personality types – that would mean there are only six types of people in the world! We can share interests with any of these six types and we are therefore a combination of all of these types. This creates a total of 720 possible personality combinations!

What we get from our aligning interest with each type is our Holland code. This code shows which personality type we share the most interests with, and which we share the least with. For example, if most of your interests aligned with the Realistic type (i.e., your personality matched this type most), then Conventional,  Social, Enterprising, Artistic and then aligned least with Investigative, we would have a code of RCSEAI.

What did I think of the Holland Code Career Test?

The Holland Code model is already really quite well recognized and regarded. In fact, the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration uses a free version of the Holland Code assessment. So, considering this, I had high hopes for this model. It is already widely available for free online, so it would be hard for Truity to get it wrong.

The test literally took me about three minutes to complete, it was super easy – especially in relation to what you get from it for FREE at the end. When taking the test, you mark how much certain activities would interest you. Truity asks you to simply think about whether you would enjoy doing such an activity. Examples of activities include “using precision machines to build custom metal parts”, “analyzing the structure of molecules” or “teaching adults to read“.

It was pretty obvious what each question was getting at. In fact, I could easily guess which personality type the questions were aiming to answer. And, it was always in the same order on each page. For example, the hands on stuff (i.e., realistic) was always the first two questions on the page. Then, the science stuff  (i.e., investigative) was always the second two. Artistic questions were always the third two on the page, and so on. In my opinion, Truity could have been a little more imaginative in how they arranged this. But then I guess personality tests aren’t meant to be heaps of fun!

The whole thing is free!

What really blew me away with this test is that the whole thing is free! There is no option to upgrade and get a more in-depth analysis of your test results.

What you get is truly wonderful, considering you don’t have to part with even a penny. Firstly, you take a look at how you align with the six areas of interest. Note: Truity use slightly different names, but the idea is the same.

You primary interest is discussed in detail, and based on this you look at your top job tasks, core values and key personality traits.

You then take a quick glimpse at your secondary personality type, which in my case was Social (or ‘helping). Based on these two types, you explore which careers are likely (but not definitely) to match your personality. What a liked most about this whole report is that the careers were outlined really clearly with average earnings and projected job growth clearly highlighted.

Conclusion and What Next?

Overall, the Holland Code Career test provides a really comprehensive review of our Holland Code type. It takes a look at your core values, characteristics and career considerations all for free.

If this article has interested you and you would like to take your own Truity report to understand your Holland Code and your possible career options, then head to this page.

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