Top 10 Best Online Colleges 2013

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Top Ten Online Colleges for 2013

In today’s economic environment, going back to school to pursue a university degree has become an attractive option for getting a heads-up in the career game. But going back to school is not feasible for many. Work, parenting and other responsibilities take precedence over school. Fortunately, for many adults looking to return to school, there are plenty of online programs that can fit easily into their busy lives. Being able to study on their own time and at their own pace makes online degrees easily obtainable for working adults and parents. And at a fraction of the cost, affordable too.

Online universities have changed the way adult students earn their education and degree. There are quite a few online programs to choose from, so deciding which one is best can be a challenge. Just as there are prestigious brick and mortar universities, there are reputable online colleges. Deciding which program to enroll in will depend on the type of degree that is desired. To help narrow down the choices, give this list of the top ten online degree programs a look. Each university offers a comprehensive online program that leads to a degree that can unlock a new career.

1. Liberty University Online College

The main campus of Liberty University is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. It has the honor of being the largest non-profit liberal arts university in the United States modeled on the Christian faith.

In recent years, Liberty University has built a rapidly expanding online degree program. High school students can begin earning college credits, while adults can go after degrees ranging from an associate’s to a doctorate.

To learn more about Liberty University Online, visit their website at:

2. Walden University Online

Walden University’s online program is known for its commitment to high academic standards and demanding curriculums. Their programs are perfect for professionals who may already hold a degree but want to continue their education.

Offering more than 60 different online programs in areas such as management, human services and public administration, Walden University boasts over 40 years of experience. Programs are designed to help students enhance their careers and personally enrich their lives.

Visit Walden University Online to find out which programs they offer at:

3. Bryant and Stratton College Online

Organized in 1854, this university offers two- and four-year degrees online or at one of their campuses. Online students are offered a wide selection of virtual study tools and materials.

Bryant and Stratton College’s online courses can be earned from anywhere in the United States. In an attempt to include online students in a graduation ceremony, Bryant and Stratton held one of the first online ceremonies on Second Life.

Find out more about their programs at:

4. Arizona State University Online College

Arizona State University has called Phoenix, AZ its home since 1885. Their rapidly growing online offerings have been picking up awards for being some of the best online bachelor’s degree programs.

Offering bachelor’s degrees in the arts or sciences, Arizona State University Online caters to many fields, such as: English, information technology, communication, history, film studies and many other bachelor’s level degree majors.

Find out more about Arizona State’s online programs at:

5. Southern New Hampshire University

Since 1932, Southern New Hampshire University has been offering continuing education courses for adults. Offering affordable, high quality online bachelor’s degree programs, this university has become a high-ranking online school.

Adult students of SNHU’s online program can earn a bachelor’s degree in communications, English, accounting, history and many others. Students can rest easy with their 24/7 student support in case issues arise.

Learn more about SNHU’s online program through their website at:

6. Oregon State University Ecampus

Oregon State University has been educating adult students since 1858. The liberal arts program has become a mainstay, but the Ecampus offers several other acclaimed degree courses in various majors.

The Ecampus has proved to be quite beneficial for students, and they are offered 700 courses in 70 subjects, 30 degree programs and 18 minors, along with many helpful tools.

To find out what programs Oregon State University Ecampus offers, see their website at:

7. Clarion University Online College

Located in the Pennsylvania town for which it’s named after, this university offers several associates and bachelor’s degrees, special programs, certificates and graduate degrees.

There are several online programs from which students can choose and three brick-and-mortar locations. One of their best programs available for both traditional and online students is their Master’s degree in library sciences.

Learn more about their online programs and degrees at:

8. University of the Southwest

Founded in 1956 as a Baptist school, the University of the Southwest is a private university in Hobbs, New Mexico. Taking a Christian approach to education, this school has topped the charts.

The University of the Southwest offers bachelor’s level degree programs in majors such as psychology, business administration and criminal justice, with room for a wide range of concentrations in each program.

Find out more about the University of the Southwest’s high-ranking online program at:

9. Penn State World Campus Online

Penn State is a name nearly every college student is familiar with. And it is no surprise that their online program tops the charts. The online program was launched in 1998 and continues to go strong.

Penn State online offers many bachelor’s degree programs online, including some unique majors and degree titles such as turfgrass science, labor and employment relations, and green programs like energy and sustainability policies.

Find out more about Penn State’s online degrees by visiting:

10. Saint Leo University Online College

In 1889, Saint Leo became the first Catholic university in Florida. Launching their online program in 1999, this outstanding liberal arts college began to pave the way for online degree courses everywhere.

Saint Leo has made a name for itself as a military-friendly college grounded in Benedictine philosophy. They offer degree programs in business administration and criminal justice, among many other online courses.

To learn more about Saint Leo’s degree programs, visit their website at:

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