Thinkific Review: Pros and Cons

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So much more than just an online learning platform, Thinkific has a bustling marketplace to create and sell courses. And an option to monetize memberships. Great news: you can choose the size of your audience and who gets access to content. That opens up the option to customize membership levels.

There are course templates, quizzes, assignments, certificates, communities, and live lessons available.

It’s easy to get started for free and start creating or learning with various pricing plans. Thinkific members enjoy many benefits such as stellar customer service and sales pages creation.

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is one of the best online learning platforms out there, allowing members to manage their own course curriculums via a content management system (CMS). It’s one of the most flexible, yet easy-to-use course marketing and learning softwares on the web.

All courses have one instructor who’ll take you through a clear and concise learning journey.

Also, built-in sections like Checklist and Countdown Timer help creators put together lessons efficiently.

How Does Thinkific Work?

With a variety of course creation widgets, anyone can become an online teacher here. Thinkific boasts an incredible array of features such as high-definition live lessons (similar to Instagram or Facebook live) and an embedded voiceover option.

It works with a variety of third-party marketing plugins to ensure you have the best experience while creating courses. See the Thinkific App Store for more details.


1. Mobile Course Player

Got a smartphone? Learn on the bus, while taking a coffee break, or at home with the Thinkific course player. It’s fast and easy to navigate, perfect for learners on the go.

2. Extraordinary Customizability

Hundreds of widgets and themes are available at your fingertips. You’re sure to find a system and design that works for you with the sheer amount of Thinkific’s customizability!

3. Free Introductory Courses

After you create an account, you’ve got access to a plethora of free introductory courses. Try these out to get a sense of the look and feel of the site. Then, you can start creating courses when you’re ready.

4. Creator Support

A live help team is there for you if you ever run into trouble. Call or email their support team and a representative will happily be in touch with you to solve your concerns as soon as possible.

5. Learn from Other Creators

What better way to learn how to create than from people who’ve gone through the same process? A bustling community of creators are there to discuss, answer questions, and help you out.

6. Range of Subscription Options

Thinkific offers four classic plans: Free, Start, Grow, and Expand. To start, you can try out the free plan. Then, if you’re enjoying everything, move onto the next one.

With growth, onto the next. So on and so forth. At some point, you may even want to consider one of their special plans for corporations available via discussion with the sales team.

7. Build a Site

What better way to promote your course than with a comprehensive website? Your subscription covers the option to build a secure and lightning-fast site from the ground-up.


Monthly options range from Free ($0), Start ($99/month), Grow ($199/month), and Expand ($499/month).

Annual plans range from Free ($0), Start ($74/month), Grow ($149/month), and Expand ($374/month). Save 25% with this option!

What Are the Pros?

Thinkific has a wonderful array of benefits. For example, their premium course builder allows online business owners to take their knowledge to the next level. There are multiple payment options available (Stripe, Zapier, and Paypal).

Enjoy access to unlimited courses with the purchase of a subscription. One of the most useful tools in creating a course is the voiceover editor embedded into the learning management software.

One of the most useful features of Thinkific is their help centre. Chances are, your question has already been asked by multiple members in the community. If not, their trusted customer service team is ready to help.

What Are the Cons?

The lack of a built-in email marketing platform makes Thinkific tricky to sell to potential customers and leads. There’s also yet to be a large Thinkific marketplace.

It could be easier to sell to people around the world with that option. Since selling is the defining feature of Thinkific, it should also be emphasized throughout the online learning platform.

As for a sales funnel, Thinkific only supports third-party ones at the moment. For learners on the go, there has yet to be an app built—as of now, only a course player exists.

Who is it For?

Entrepreneurs with a knack for creating will have a wonderful time with Thinkific. Teach anything from popular business topics to niche ones. It’s risk-free to take a test run with one of the most accessible and easy-to-use course creation platforms. 

Help build a brand (or your own) from the ground-up while you share your knowledge. It’s fully customizable and overall easy to navigate, which is perfect for anyone who may not be super tech-savvy.

Thinkific has a wide range of both in-depth and introductory courses, which include:

  • Turn Your Podcast Listeners into Paying Students
  • Optimize Your Landing Pages to Scale
  • Evergreen Webinar Framework for Selling on Auto-Pilot
  • Create Transforational Online Courses
  • Turning Your Passion Into Profit

Final Thoughts on Thinkific

Thinkific is an awesome platform to promote your brand and share your expertise. It’s easy to navigate and highly customizable, which makes it accessible to everyone. The site and runs smoothly, which is perfect for learners on the go.

Best of all, there are multiple subscription options to pay per month. We at The Career Project highly recommend Thinkific to entrepreneurs—aspiring and established.

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