Skillshare Review: Cost? Is it worth it?

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Creativity is taking over the world. And with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, it’s more important than ever to hone in on our creativity. Skillshare is your one-stop classroom with everything from copywriting to graphic design, and continues to develop fresh content everyday.

It’s easy to navigate, provides a ton of insight from real-world creatives, and allows students to communicate with each other in a fun and interactive way. Best of all, you can access all courses with a yearly subscription of under $200!

Let’s begin our Skillshare review.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare markets itself as an online learning community where people can take and teach creative classes. Students and teachers have ample interaction time to discuss and share ideas. You can bounce your ideas off others with ease here!

Best of all, many classes are project-based, which mimics how work is structured in the professional world. With over 35,000 classes to choose from, there’s something for every creative. Take your skills to the next level with engaging workshops and group discussions.

How Does Skillshare Work?

Skillshare members have access to all of their classes that are self-paced. Take as long as you need to fully absorb the material and apply your knowledge with a hands-on project.

Students have the opportunity to share their project with their class to get feedback. Additionally, you’ve got a My Classes tab to organize your courses, and plan your learning trajectory.


1. Responsive App

The Skillshare app has a variety of features that are mobile-friendly. Take your lessons anywhere you go and rest assured that your progress saves automatically.

2. Personalized Course Algorithms

Learn more to let the algorithm understand your interests. The home page will refresh daily to cater to your skills and interests. Perhaps you’ll find your next favorite hobby this way!

3. Offline Mode

Take your lessons anywhere—even if you’re out camping or met with spotty wi-fi. Skillshare’s offline mode lets you download material to review anytime.

4. Self-Paced Courses

We’ve all felt the pressure of deadlines, especially when you’ve got overlapping responsibilities. With self-paced courses, you’re in control of your time and energy. Plan accordingly and take as many breaks as you need.

5. Creative Community and Groups

What is creativity? It’s the ability to connect the dots between multiple subjects and read in-between the lines. And create. Groups and communities lay the groundwork for that magic to happen.

6. Engaging Workshops

With the power of the internet, you can now attend virtual workshops to meet new people and hone your skills. Skillshare emphasizes the power of collaboration, especially in the creative realm.

7. Free Trials

Last but not least, test out the waters with Skillshare’s free trials. They give you a generous 30 days to explore their platform and get accustomed to the features before having to pay a single penny.


Skillshare costs $165/year for a personal subscription. Large teams get special discounts.

What Are the Pros?

There’s a hassle-free 30-day trial period for Skillshare Premium, which gives learners more than enough time to decide if the platform is right for them. Payment is easy and the site has been rated highly for its intuitive navigational features.

During this trial, you have the opportunity to do many activities. Interact with peers and enjoy access to all classes. Explore everything that this online learning platform has to offer.

What Are the Cons?

A number of students reported a lack of student-instructor interactions that may deter new learners who prefer a more steady stream of back-and-forth communication. There are advertisement popups (that can be eliminated with an ad-blocker).

Courses are only available in English and lack quality control compared to other online learning platforms (anyone can create a course and run with it). No accredited certifications are issued upon completion of a course.

Final Thoughts on Skillshare

All in all, Skillshare is a treasure trove for creatives who are looking to hone and perfect their skills. It’s beginner-friendly too, and great for people who want to explore a new subject without the rigorous testing or commitment.

The site and its learning features run very smoothly on most computers and phones, making it a popular choice for students. Many instructors have a more laid-back as opposed to overly corporate teaching approach.

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