MasterClass Review: Pros and Cons

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MasterClass is a San Francisco based online learning platform designed specifically with creatives in mind. They offer unique classes, taught by the absolute best in the industry. And, they they can be accessed from anywhere in the world… So, we have decide to give MasterClass a review! In this article, we’ll answer the question, Is MasterClass worth it?

Let’s jump into our MasterClass review.

What is MasterClass?

MasterClasses are a series of video tutorials that include acting taught by Samuel L. Jackson, writing taught by James Patterson, basketball taught by Stephen Curry, cooking taught by Gordon Ramsey and directing taught by Ron Howard. This, however, is only a fraction of what is offered on MasterClass, the list goes on.

Not only does MasterClass already have an impressive and niche selection of courses, they also always keep adding more exciting content to the site, meaning there are always fun new things to learn about. For example, in 2020 they added a ‘sports and games’ section, which has content taught by the likes of Stephen Curry.

How Does it Work?

Simple: click on a video and start learning! All classes are video-based, so it’s like an educational version of Youtube. There are also PDFs and hands-on activities to share with fellow learners for critique. Occasionally, MasterClass offers instructor feedback on assignments, so be sure to keep an eye out on your inbox.


1. Wide Range of Courses

Before picking what course to start, you will be shown an overview which briefly summarizes what the course will teach you and it’s length. Courses are at least 18 sessions long, with most being 25 session long.

Each session lasts between five to 30 minutes, with most being around 10 minutes long. This short course and video length are perfect, as they make the information very digestible and engaging.

2. Evergreen Content and Downloadables

As well as having access to videos taught by industry expected, MasterClass also gives you a ‘fundamental guide’ and course notes, which summarizes the key points and provides additional reading materials.

3. Responsive App

You can do each course at your own pace using either your computer or the MasterClass phone app, which even be connected to an Apple TV.

4. Active Student Community

Although I did not create an account for my review of MasterClass, it is apparent that MasterClass places a big emphasize on the community aspect of its online learning platform and they have created a hub where everyone can engage in discussions about the courses they are taken.

Each MasterClass student is also free to ask questions on this platform for experts to answer and students are encouraged to share their own work and resources with other MasterClass students, which makes the learning experience even more engaging and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, all videos and lessons are paywalled and cannot be downloaded to watch offline for busy students on the go.

5. Many Ways to Learn

One reccurring comment from MasterClass students is that the courses vary significantly in the way that they are taught. Some are very structured and give you very practical and useful skills. Whereas others are more like long chats and don’t provide you with any skills that you can put into practice.

Each course will be based on the teaching style of the expert, and is what happens in real life teaching, which gives each course a unique and personal touch.

6. Great Site Navigation

To sign up, just put in your email address and create a password. MasterClass then shows you really quickly how to use the site and you can see what classes are available. This is easy to do as the classes are all put into sections, and you can decide which one best matches up to your interests.

Before accessing the classes, you have to put in your card details and decide what subscription package you would like.

7. Shining Customer Reviews

Overall, MasterClass has really good customer reviews. People are saying things such as “Overall, every single MasterClass I’ve viewed has been superbly produced and well structured.” That it is “informative and interesting,” and are complimenting the teachers for their explicit and unique teaching style.

What Are the Pros?

All videos are formatted so information is easy to digest for learners. The breadth of topics is unbeatable in the online learning platform space. For the low cost of $20/month for access to all of the videos, it’s also an economical option.

You get to learn from superstars and celebrities who know and own their craft. Whether that’s the vocals from Grammy-winner Mariah Carey or cooking from no other than masterchef Gordon Ramsey. All instructors are comfortable in front of a camera and have boundless onscreen charisma.

What Are the Cons?

Unfortunately, MasterClass, unlike other online learning platforms, do not offer a free trial and or have any discounts available. However, they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the service. Lessons cannot be downloaded to watch offline.

Customer reviews, from those who are more advanced in their field, expressed that the classes are too simplistic and don’t offer enough depth. Based on this, it is apparent that the classes are useful for people who are inquisitive on the topic but aren’t using MasterClass to change their career.


$20 per month.

The payment plan you chose will depend on what you want to get from MasterClass. If there is only one course that interests you, then perhaps it is only worthwhile buying that particular course. Whereas, if you’re keen to explore lots of courses, then the yearly subscription may be better value for money.

With the yearly subscription, you do not get to keep the course videos for a lifetime. However, course workbooks are downloadable so you can refer back to them at a later date.

Who is it for?

MasterClass targets a niche of professionals and creates content with writers, musicians, artists, chefs, and creative students and professionals in mind.

There’s a wide range of video-rich courses, without certifications as of yet. Some examples of MasterClass courses are:

  • Serena Williams Teaches Tennis
  • Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring
  • Mariah Carey Teaches the Voices as an Instrument
  • Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking
  • Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring


One final note is that MasterClass is for creatives on a budget. It is designed specifically for a niche market, offering people a unique learning experience. Everyone who wants to dabble in a new hobby or learn about a new subject should check out MasterClass. Compared to other online learning platforms, it’s affordable and engaging.

What’s your opinion, is MasterClass worth it?

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