LinkedIn Learning Review: Pros and Cons

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With 20,000+ courses and videos that are both bite-sized and in-depth, there’s something for everyone on LinkedIn Learning.  Career professionals enjoy LinkedIn-approved certificates and full access to LinkedIn Premium. You can even kick-start a new career path!

You’re in the right place if you’re still deciding whether LinkedIn Learning is worth a try! We’re here at The Career Project to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and give our personal review of one of the most popular skill-building and educational course providers.

Let’s start our review.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

Think LinkedIn, but make it educational (and industry-tailored). LinkedIn Learning is a growing database of educational videos and courses that train industry professionals on a variety of different subjects, such as coding, business, leadership, and more. It’s LinkedIn’s very own online learning platform.

Experts in their fields teach courses, and you can relax as the material has been fact-checked by various researchers and quality control specialists. New courses are added and updated daily, so be sure to sort by “new” regularly!

LinkedIn didn’t create their own learning platform from scratch. Instead they entered this space via acquisition, acquiring the popular MOOC (massive open online course) provider in 2015.  They then converted the content and user-base, and re-branded as LinkedIn Learning.

How Does it LinkedIn Learning Work?

LinkedIn Learning incorporates informational videos and end-of-chapter quizzes to test your knowledge. You can earn badges that display on your profile to showcase to prospective employers.

Simply sign in, head on over to your bookmarked courses or use the search bar to find whatever you’d like to learn. Then, explore the course content, which is broken down into sections and chapters.


1. Industry-Approved Courses

The online learning platform features a wide variety of industry-approved courses—there’s truly something for everyone. Better yet, the quality control on their courses is stricter than other sites. The result? More accurate information for learners.

2. Concise Videos and Quizzes

All videos and quizzes get right to the point. Expect condensed yet clear explanations that’s perfect for learners on the go. Access your materials at any time—on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet—with internet.

3. Personalized Content

The algorithm will recommend courses based on each learner’s skills, roles, and learning activity on their profile. When you learn more, the algorithm will get to know you better!

4. Interactive Community

Like a giant virtual classroom, learners can post on Q & A course pages to share their thoughts. This is a great way to connect with experts, thought leaders, and fellow learners!

5. Fast Navigation

The site runs smoothly and without hiccups. Course content is labelled in a logical manner, which makes learning more efficient and saves precious time in the process.

6. Courses Available in Many Languages

Currently, LinkedIn Learning courses are available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Japanese. You can try a course in another language you’re learning for an extra challenge.

7. Three Learning Paths

Courses are offered through three learning paths: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. You can filter them accordingly while searching for something to learn.

What Are the Pros?

Your subscription includes a free trial month—you’ll be reminded 7 days before it ends. There are tons of industry-approved videos and lessons catered towards a professional audience. Even better, LinkedIn Premium is included with your subscription.

Production quality and information relevancy are impressive with LinkedIn Learning courses. The site, videos, and quizzes run with minimal hiccups. This will save you time and have you focused on the content rather than site navigation. 

Finally, all courses are taught by qualified instructors who are thought leaders in their field. Rest assured—course material has been heavily reviewed before they’re published.

What Are the Cons?

Any certifications earned through LinkedIn Learning are not accredited. Prospective employers may be looking for something that’s more recognized worldwide. The designs on the online learning platform look too sterile and lack a personal touch.

Expectedly, many videos present themselves as corporate board meetings rather than an engaging with an instructor. This may work well with certain learners and bore others. The selection for creative courses is also limited.

Also, learners want to see more hands-on exercises (specifically for computer programming) rather than lecture after lecture. To help visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners, more variety in assignments and quizzes would be a great idea.

LinkedIn Learning Pricing

The subscription plan will cost you a reasonable $21.90 per month on an annual plan, and $47.61 on a monthly plan.

There are special rates and discounts for organizations and large groups (contact their sales department for more information).

Who is LinkedIn Learning For?

Career professionals of all ages who are looking to sharpen their skills.

It boasts a wide array of professional development courses with quizzes at the end. Some of these include:

  • AutoCAD: 3D Modeling for Mechanical Designs
  • Adobe Analytics Essential Training
  • Talent Sourcing
  • Accelerating Your Career with Personal Branding
  • Expert Tips for Answering Common Interview Questions


LinkedIn Learning is an excellent resource and online learning platform for budding professionals looking to sharpen their STEM (i.e. science, technology, engineering, mathematics) knowledge. There’s also a rapidly growing collection of business and entrepreneurship content.

The online learning platform is a good refresher option for mid-career professionals who are tight on time. Remember: there are Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert learning paths. Courses generally run on the learner’s schedule, so everyone can learn on their own time.

All in all, anyone looking to jumpstart a new career or hone their already established skills should definitely give LinkedIn Learning a try! With reasonable prices, fantastic course content, and an active learner community, it’s a well-rounded place to learn new skills.

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