INTP: The Thinker

INTPs are called The Thinkers (and sometimes “The Logician”) for a reason. These personality types enjoy dealing with things logically and rationally, thinking about how things work. They have a knack for coming up with out of the box solutions and gravitate using reasoning rather than following the crowd. But before offering any type of solution, they like to have all the facts and a complete understanding of the problem. INTPs spend time looking at it from all angles and use not only imagination to see other possibilities, but past experiences as well. They take pride in categorizing things to able to compare and contrast whenever anything new comes along. INTPs look at the big picture and tend to think a lot about the future, imagining all the potential outcomes. For this reason, they can sometimes get lost in their own world.

Overview of the INTP Personality Type

INTPs are introverts and prefer spending time alone. Because of the need for solitude, they can sometimes come off as detached and aloof. While they may be introverts, INTPs will find harmony in small groups. Those with this personality type come across as shy to individuals they may not know well but in a small circle INTPs are warm and friendly. Many INTPs are quite outgoing when in company of those they feel comfortable with but tend to withdraw when stressed. Relying on knowledge and fact rather than emotion can cause INTPs to seem quite unyielding if their beliefs or convictions are questioned. High value is placed on intelligence which makes it difficult for INTPs to not speak up and argue their case when others present an argument that is not rational or logical.

Strengths and Weakness of INTPs

INTPs are highly logical and efficient thinkers making them thoughtful and precise. Being an abstract thinker makes them a perfect candidate to work independently or with small groups. INTPs value integrity and thrive in environments that allow them to address complex problems with creative thinking.

They can be difficult to get to know, though. Due to a preference of rational and logical thinking, INTP can come across a bit insensitive to those who deal more with the emotional side of things. Forming friendships is hard, but keep in mind that when an INTP connects and finds their tribe, they become very close.

Career Possibilities for the INTP

INTPs excel at careers that allow them to use their intellect, analytical thinking, and the ability to use their reasoning skills alongside their creativity. INTPs are a rare breed and will usually be drawn to technology and science because these areas give them the perfect environment to excel. INTPs can be successful in almost any field. They are generally found in careers that allow them to work more with ideas than people although many INTPs feel that human experiences are the ultimate problems to solve. Some career possibilities include:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Architect
  • Microbiologist
  • Mathematician
  • Lawyer
  • Graphic Designer

Check out our comprehensive page on INTP careers to see more job titles specific to INTPs.

Working with INTPs

If you have the pleasure of working with an INTP, it can seem a bit daunting. Their standoff demeanor can come across as cold or impatient. But don’t let that fool you! While an INTP does enjoy independent working, they get along well with working in a group where their ideas can get to the bottom of complicated problems. INTPs do best when they are given the freedom to create solutions in their own way. They are great at analyzing and help to identify key principles that may otherwise be overlooked. Keep in mind that INTPs are thinkers. When in meetings, try to avoid small talk and keep the focus on the matter at hand. INTPs will quickly tire of pleasantries and may get impatient. INTPs do well leading teams with who understand their complex ideas. This personality type needs a team that can hash out the details and leave the overall goal setting to the INTP.

INTPs Working With Other Personalities

If you are an INTP, chances are you find it hard to be part of the group and your driven personality can sometimes cause you to feel like an outsider. INTPs are known

for their intellectual creativity. One way to break the barriers in a workplace is to offer ideas more often and be open to others ideas as well. INTPs have a tendency of being a bit blunt, however, so if you find you don’t agree, offer your argument with ease to show why it doesn’t work. Try not to dismiss things immediately. Others ideas and opinions may be alogical, but that doesn’t mean they’re illogical.

INTPs have been known to have a great sense of humor but because they tend to stay to themselves. Coworkers have no clue that an INTP is capable of bringing laughter to the table along with those brilliant ideas. Don’t be afraid to be yourself- understand the only way to grow is to get out of your comfort zone. If it makes you uncomfortable, take a step back and try to understand why. An uncomfortable situation for an INTP is an opportunity for growth!

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