INTJ: The Architect

If you are classified as an INTJ personality type, this means your key characteristics are Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Judgment. INTJs have an introverted intuition with extraverted thinking, so they are focused on observing the world around them.

INTJs are internally focused first, using their full five senses and internalizing the information provided. The secondary mode for INTJs is to address things with logic and reason. These personality traits shape interactions with people and interests in many important ways that can affect career prospects.

INTJ Strengths and Weaknesses

Usually quiet, serious, and motivated, INTJs are dependable and focused on doing the right thing. Most ITJS believe strongly in the need for organization, and they value systems and knowledge. When a commitment to achieving a goal is made, INTJs will work hard and follow through until the job is done.

Learning facts is simple for INTJs, and they live in a world of ideas and strategic planning. Expressing feelings and putting ideas into a useful form for others can be difficult as the internal form of INTJ’s thoughts can make it difficult to communicate. Because many of the INTJ’s ideas are nonlinear, expressing ideas is a challenge.

Ideal Career Choices for INTJs

Since INTJs enjoy working with logical systems that they can develop a deep understanding of, INTJs are well-suited to many jobs where logic, reason, and attention to detail are of primary importance. Many INTJs excel in the sciences.

Positions in the financial industries are ideal, including auditors, accountants, budget analysts, and other. Various types of engineering work and work within the medical profession as a surgeon, medical technologist, physician’s assistant or other care provider are other good matches.

Careers that require close interaction with people will not pair well with INTJs personality. Likewise, careers requiring a lot of creativity and spontaneous thinking may not be best. Retail, bartending, or working as a crafter or artist may not be suitable choices.

Check out our comprehensive page on INTJ careers to see more job titles specific to INTJs.

Next Steps

Personality profiling can help you to make smart career choices so you can find the work that is right for you. The Career Project has abundant information for those who are interested in exploring different professions that are ideally suited to their particular personality type. Browse The Career Project today to learn more from professionals with experience in your fields of interest. Or read our first post in this MBTI series for more information about this personality assessment.

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