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We’ve got some exciting news to announce today.

The Career Project has officially acquired, a career-focused website that features hundreds of informational interviews with professionals in a range of different fields.

Our plan is to incorporate the interviews from the website into the database of informational career interviews we already have here at The Career Project.  Doing so will make our data set even deeper, covering a wider array of careers. 

And this in turn will strengthen our career guides as well.

Ultimately we realized that the mission and purpose of both Inside Career Info and The Career Project overlapped quite a bit.  So rather than competing with each other, why not join forces and provide an even better service to our readers? 

As such, our combined database of informational career interviews will be able to help more people get the inside scoop and learn about different careers that might interest them.

Take a moment and learn a little more about (ICI) below.

Background for

Why was Inside Career Info created?

While there are plenty of web sites with dry descriptions of careers and career statistics, very few provide perspective from insiders, the professionals with real life, on-the-job experience. So Inside Career Info was created to fill this void and provide students and career changers with this missing piece of the career decision puzzle.

Where does the information come from?

We have conducted interviews with hundreds of professionals, many of whom contributed their valuable time in exchange for a donation from ICI to a charitable cause they support. We continue to add more real-world information on an ongoing basis.

We especially love the incentive that InsideCareerInfo offered when soliciting the informational interviews they gathered—instead of offering a direct payment, they made a charitable donation to a cause that the interviewee supports. 

The Career Project intends to carry this forward—so stay tuned for more details on that!


Informational career interviews from will be merged into The Career Project in the coming weeks, with all website traffic eventually being redirected.


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