ESTJ: The Executive

ESTJ stands for Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judgment. ESTJs are extraverted in their thinking and have introverted sensing. ESTJs are generally focused on the external, and they live in the present moment. Tradition is important, as is maintaining an orderly environment.

ESTJ Strengths and Weaknesses

ESTJS are natural leaders with a clear vision who like taking charge. Many are self-confident and embody the concept of good citizenship. Interacting with people is pleasurable for ESTJs, although they often have little patience for individuals who do not follow laws or respect traditions.

While ESTJs enjoy interactions with their family and within their broader community, a tendency towards rigidity can sometimes make relationships difficult. ESTJs have a tendency to neglect their feelings and emotions, which can make it harder for them to fulfill the needs of others in order to achieve greater intimacy. Some ESTJs can also become too detail-oriented, although their focus on details make them excellent at accomplishing goals and designing effective systems to get tasks completed.

Ideal Careers for ESTJs

ESTJS thrive in work environments where they are able to work as decision makers and where they are able to enforce policies and guidelines. ESTJs appreciate a structured, often hierarchical, work environment where tangible results are expected. Careers ESTJs tend to do well as stockbrokers, credit analysts, or other financial professions. Other good career matches include military officers, attorneys, judges, other legal professions, and factory supervisors.

ESTJs often do not do well in occupations where creativity and freethinking are valued over rule-following and procedural processes. Work in the arts, a cosmetologist, or elementary education may not be ideally suited for ESTJs.

Check out our comprehensive page on ESTJ careers to see more job titles specific to ESTJs.

Next Steps

ESTJs can find out about the jobs they are interested in and that match their personality type using our website. The Career Project has compiled a comprehensive database of different professions with profiles of each job prepared by people who actually work in the field. You can get a true inside glimpse of what work will be like for you in each career you are considering, so check out the available career profiles today! To learn more about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, read our first post.

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