ENTJ: The Commander

The ENTJ personality type thrives on pressure and loves to make tough calls and big decisions. This is reflected in their working life as well as their personal life. People with ENTJ, Extroversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judging, personalities make great leaders and are known for their ability to approach challenges and difficulties positively. Their sharp eye for detail and quick wits enable them to make important judgments and decisions in an informed and efficient manner.

ENTJ Strengths and Weaknesses

As you might expect from a personality type so well suited to leadership, ENTJs are incredibly work-oriented and are voraciously ambitious when climbing the career ladder. They are also able to take the long view, analyzing any given situation and deciding ahead of time how best to achieve their goals.

There are few things that an ENTJ personality type likes less than mistakes and inefficiency. They tend to go about their day-to-day tasks with a great deal of precision and expect others to do the same. That said, they are also engaging and good communicators, so they can organize others into a concerted effort.

This precision and efficiency is also directed internally, enabling an ENTJ personality type to wield significant amounts of personal discipline in their own lives. This is one reason why ENTJs make such great leaders and why they are often able to get the best results out of those who work around them and for them.

Jobs for ENTJ Personality Types

The best career for an ENTJ is a top managerial or directorial position. ENTJs want to lead from the front and have their finger on the button when it comes to executive action, so a career in this kind of environment will enable them to thrive. They are also adept at handling the pressures associated with this type of role.

A careers in which allowing an ENTJ to truly shine allow the individual a degree of autonomy and have their input recognized by those around them and above them. Another beneficial job aspect for ENTJs is being put in charge of managerial tasks or team leading. While they may not be at the top of the ladder yet, these job roles at least allow the ENTJ personality type to put their skills to good use.

ENTJs do not perform well on the lowest rung of the ladder. They do not like being told what to do, particularly if they can see errors being made higher up. While working in this kind of job is a fact of life for many, particularly earlier on in our career development path, it is not at all suitable for ENTJs.

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