ENFP: The Campaigner

One of the Diplomats, the Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving (ENFP) personality type views the world externally and evaluates information based primarily on intuition. A person with an ENFP personality is bright, enthusiastic, warm, and seems to have limitless potential. As an ENFP, you see possibilities where others see obstacles. This gives you a passion for life, which you can use to motivate and inspire others. As long as you have a strong interest in something, you do well at it.

The ENFP personality type comes in both ENFP-t (turbulent) and ENFP-a (assertive) variations, each of which we’ll discuss shortly.

ENFP Strengths and Weaknesses

As someone with the gift of gab, you tend to be genuinely interested in others and highly value personal relationships. Most people with this personality type have a strong need for others to like them, which can make ENFPs come across as insincere or pushy at first. However, this tends to fade as you learn to balance your seemingly conflicting needs of being true to yourself and wanting the approval of others. Because you are so intuitive, you get to know people at a deeper level rather quickly.

As an ENFP, you have a strong need to have all areas of your life align with your values. You also crave adventure, which can make the mundane tasks of life seem unbearable at times. Other people may accuse you of being oblivious to the endless small details that adults must handle. While others may feel frustrated with you, you feel misunderstood by them. Another challenge for this personality type is resisting the urge to be manipulative. Your strong language and social skills make it easy for you to coerce other people, but your value system typically overrides you actually doing it.

ENFPs and Work/Career

You enjoy project work because it has a definite beginning and end. However, your dislike of routine tasks makes several types of jobs and projects undesirable for you. You are service-oriented and a natural leader, but don’t necessarily like to lead other people. These contradictions mean that you may work at several different careers throughout your lifetime. Others may see you as without direction, but this just isn’t true. You are consistent with work, as long as it remains true to your values.

Check out our comprehensive page on ENFP careers to see more job titles specific to ENFPs.

Some excellent career choices for an ENFP include:

  • Artist
  • Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Psychologist
  • Writer

You may also enjoy the following careers, although you may get frustrated with rigid rules or having to repeat the same tasks multiple times:

  • Computer programmer
  • Engineer
  • Politician
  • Scientist
  • Television reporter

You should avoid jobs that require a lot of memorization or repetition. Also, avoid jobs requiring you to direct the work of others or jobs requiring consistent follow-through, especially since the latter is considered one of the weaknesses of this personality type. Examples of jobs to avoid may include a data entry clerk, office manager, or a sales team leader.

Next Steps

When making the decision of which career to pursue, it’s important to understand your personality so that you find one that matches your interests and talents. Through interviews with professionals in hundreds of fields, we created career profiles that give you unique insider viewpoints. Browse our career profiles today to learn more. For more information on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, see our first post.

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