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Edureka offers courses to those in the information technology (IT) field. They offer courses from some of the world’s best universities, colleges, and industry-leading companies, and each course is taught by experts in the field. 

In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about Edureka. We will cover the courses offered, how it works and it’s key features so that you can decide whether Edureka is for you! 

What is Edureka?

Edureka is an e-learning platform that offers learners courses in information technology (IT). Founded in 2013, Edureka has rapidly grown and expanded, meaning that it now offers 0ver 180 IT courses, in 20 different categories. 

Each of Edureka’s courses has an average completion time of 2 months. They are often offered in conjunction with major corporations and institutions and each course is taught by an expert in the industry. Unlike other e-learning platforms, courses can be taken in real-time, which means you can ask questions and get instant feedback. Due to Edureka’s expert courses and commitment to providing excellent quality courses, it is of no surprise that the courses are rated as ‘excellent’ by the majority of their users, with Edureka receiving an average rating of 4.7/5.  

How does it work?

To kickstart your learning with Edureka you need to pick which course you would like to complete. After that, you will be contacted by an Edureka Learning Manager so that you can introduce yourself and express any learning needs.

Once you’ve introduced yourself, you’ll be able to get stuck in with your online learning. In real-time, you’ll be able to join in with live demonstrations and participate in Q&A sessions. However, if you can’t make the real-time lecture, Edureka records all their courses so you can access the learning at any time. 


Edureka has many exciting and interesting features. Below are 8 Edureka features that make the online learning platform stand out. 

1. The Edureka App

Edureka has an app that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet. It means you can take Edureka wherever you go and learn at your own pace, in your own time.

2. 24/7 Customer Support

Edureka offers around the clock customer support. This means that at whatever time you’re learning, you’ll always be able to receive help and guidance on your classes. 

3. Corporate Training 

Edureka offers corporate training  so that you can educate your entire workforce at once! Used by Mercedes, Visa and Cisco, you can organize classroom training, online training, self-paced training, or blended training for your team. 

4. Certifications for Some Courses

Upon completion of many of Edureka’s courses, you will get an industry recognized certification. This is a great asset to add to your CV and other job applications to demonstrate your skill and dedication. 

5. Relevant projects and knowledge

Every course of Edureka provides you with the right mix of theoretical and practical training for real world problems. Every class project and objective set is planned with real world scenarios in mind. 

6. Lifetime Access to Course Materials

With Edureka, you can keep all the course materials and content for the rest of your life! This way, you can always refer back to them. 

7. Qualified Teachers

All teachers at Edureka are qualified in the field that they are teaching. Edureka carefully vets course instructors, meaning that the course content is always kept high. 

8. Fun Quizzes

Many of Edureka’s courses have fun quizzes after modules. These are to help keep the learning engaging and to ensure that you remember the content taught! 


Like most online learning platforms, the price of Edureka courses varies depending on the level, the content covered, workload, the credentials of the instructor and whether you receive a certification upon completion of the course. 

Prices start from around $200 and for this price you can expect a basic salesforce training with no certification. At the top end, Edureka courses can cost closer to $1000, but these course are far more in-depth and you’ll receive a certificate to showcase the time and effort you put into learning. 

Who is it for? 

Edureka is for anyone who has a passion for learning about IT and wants a flexible and affordable way to progress their learning! Edureka has courses suitable for all knowledge levels, from college students to experience professionals. They have IT courses in 20 categories, which include: 

  • Cloud Computing
  • BI and Visualization
  • Frontend Development
  • Software Testing
  • Big Data
  • PG Programs 
  • Robotic Process Automation 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Operating Systems 


Overall, Edureka is a fantastic e-learning platform for anyone wanting to progress their skills and knowledge in the IT and technology world. It has many wonderful features, such as it 24/7 supports and its industry recognized certification. 

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