7 Best Procreate Courses Online

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If you’re looking for the best Procreate classes that you can take online, then you’ve come to the right place! Below, we’ve created a list of the very best online courses for learning this popular illustration program. We’ve included both free and paid options to ensure that you have lots of variety.

Procreate is an iPad app, made for professional creatives, that was developed and published by Savage Interactive. Using Procreate, you can sketch, paint, and edit images using your finger or an Apple pencil.

All types of designers are IN LOVE with procreate. It is a software that aims to recreate the natural feeling of physical drawing, while utilizing the practical advantages of digital form. It makes designing on an iPad easier and more efficient.

Illustrators in particular love procreate because:

  1. It allows them to tweak images quickly
  2. It has over 130 different brushes, which means you can create almost any art technique and produce a huge variety of images… beating the use of pen and paper!
  3. There are many layer options, which allow for non-destructive editing
  4. Images can easily be imported and exported across platforms and devices
  5. Procreate is relatively inexpensive

To learn Procreate, you don’t need to spend hours at University. It is not a huge topic to learn about, and therefore, there are plenty of online classes and tutorials that cover everything you need to know. Suitable for those of all levels, I have spent the time researching the best Procreate courses out there. If you’re looking to progress your Procreate skills, either for an illustration career or to just to enhance your creative skill set, there will be an online course for you.


1. Digital Illustration: Learn to Use Procreate (Skillshare)

  • Level: Beginner
  • Completion time: 1h 7m
  • Cost: 14-day free trial
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 121,335
  • Course rating: N/A

Taught by Jarom Vogel, a freelance illustrator with over five years of experience in the industry, this class is excellent for those with little procreate experience who want to become a procreate master.

This class is a fun, quick and accessible way to learn about the Procreate essentials. You will learn how to set up your first canvas, how to use the select tool, how to use brushes and how to use erasers. Jarom will also concisely cover how to create and organize layers, and how to add color, texture and effects to your creations.

After completing this course, you’ll have unlocked a whole new way to turn your creative ideas into a reality. You’ll be able to pick up your iPad and create stunning images with minimal effort. For just 1 hour of your time, you really can become a procreate master… Therefore, this course should be an absolute essential for every aspiring illustrator!


2. Intro to Procreate: Illustrating on the iPad [UPDATED] (Skillshare)

  • Level: Beginner
  • Completion time: 1h 22m
  • Cost: 14-day free trial
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 76,410
  • Course rating: N/A

Brooke Glaser is a professional illustrator and a Skillshare top teacher. She will take you through how to use Procreate on the iPad Pro with ease. In this class, you will cover all the hidden tools and gestures you need to make creating illustrations on the iPad fun and effortless. Brooke will take you over how to organize your art, how to make a time lapse video of you working, how to choose colors, the brush basic and advanced settings, layering basics and advanced settings, tips for recoloring, how to cut, copy and paste, how to resize or rotate images, and much more!

By the time the tutorial is over, creating digital illustrations should feel as intuitive and natural as drawing with a pen and paper! For anyone wanting to enter the world of illustration, Procreate is incredibly useful, and this class will help you use it like a pro!


3. Drawing and Painting on the iPad with Procreate (Udemy)

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Completion time: 5h 6m
  • Cost: $19.99
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 48,666
  • Course rating: 7 (out of 12,650 ratings)

This Udemy class is a bestselling class designed for those with some experience and familiarity with Procreate. Taught by Brad Colbow, who is a professional graphic designer and Illustrator, this class allows you to learn everything you need to know about Procreate through hands on drawing lessons.

This five-hour class consists of a total of 36 lectures, which include a mixture of instruction and practice. You will start by getting to know the basic tools. Once you’ve mastered the basic tools, you will explore Procreates advanced tools, where you will look at layers, blend modes and color pallets. You will also look at how to time lapse your work, organize brushes, import brushes and how to draw a comic. The final section of the course explores all the Procreate updates, so you will always be able to pick up your iPad and get to work creating beautiful illustrations on any Adobe Procreate application.


4. The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art with Procreate on iPad (Udemy)

  • Level: Beginner
  • Completion time: 3h 25m
  • Cost: $49.99
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 10,008
  • Course rating: 6 (out of 2,140 ratings)

This Udemy class is an in-depth, step-by-step course that shows you all the basics of Procreate. Taught by Kurt Russell, who has been teaching digital coloring online since 2013, this class will teach you all the techniques you need to know to develop a Procreate skill set.

During this course you will learn all the fundamentals of Procreate in a great deal of depth. You will learn how to use Procreate tools to create line art of colored illustrations, how to customize brushes and how to use shortcuts. You will be able to work at your own pace to ensure that you have solidified all this new knowledge!

Overall, this class is a great place to begin learning about digital art from a professional. After completing this class, you should have learnt skills that can be carried over into almost any type of art – from comic books, to cartons to web designs. You should be able to pick up your iPad and start making beautiful illustrations on Procreate!


5. Free Procreate Class – Making Art on the iPad (Bardot Brush)

  • Level: All levels
  • Completion time: 2h 17m
  • Cost: Free
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: N/A
  • Course rating: N/A

Accessed by YouTube, this class is offered by the team at Bardot Brush and is available for free. In this class, you will learn all the Procreate basics, and will then complete a follow-along drawing. In this follow-along, you will learn about all the most essential Procreate tools and features.

This class is suitable for everyone. If you’ve never used Procreate before, you will be thankful for the steady and easy to follow pace. If you’ve been using Procreate for years, you will still pick up some useful tips and tricks. The tutorial is completely free, so you’ve got nothing to lose by taking it!


6. Painting with the iPad app Procreate 2 (LinkedIn Learning)

  • Level: Beginner
  • Completion time: Approx 3h
  • Cost: $35.00
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 30,891
  • Course rating: N/A

Taught by John Perry, a digital painting pioneer, this LinkedIn learning class is suitable for those who have never digitally painted before!

In this short class, John will teach you everything you need to know to get started with digital illustrations. He will teach you how to mix paint, how to work with layers and brushes, how to use color creatively and how to sketch. He will also teach you how to clone a painting (whereby you can paint an online image to look similar to a real life one), how to include reality with digital painting and how to paint with your minds eye!

By the end of this LinkedIn class, you should feel confident in using Procreate, even if you’ve never picked up a paint brush before!


7. ProCreate Masterclass: How to Draw and Paint on iPad Course (Udemy)

  • Level: All levels
  • Completion time: 2h 43m
  • Cost: $159.99
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 13,065
  • Course rating: 6/5 (out of 2,056 ratings)

Instructed by Scott Harris, an illustrator, painter and art instructor who has helped more than 270,000 students, this masterclass is suitable for those of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner who has never seen Procreate before, or whether you’ve been using it for years but just want to brush up on your skills, all you need to complete this course is a true passion and desire to improve your Procreate skills!

In this class, you will complete several clear and structured lessons. To begin with, lessons cover all the Procreate fundamentals to ensure that everyone’s skills and knowledge up to scratch. After this, you will learn more advanced skills. These skills include selection and transformation skills, perspectives in Procreate, saving and exporting Artwork, color and image adjustment and creating custom brushes in Procreate.

After completing this Udemy course, you should have up to date and advanced skills that will allow you to create beautiful illustrations.



So, there you have it… the seven best Procreate online classes.

As you can see, there are numerous online courses and tutorials that can get your up to scratch with everything you need to know about Procreate. Some of the classes are free, whereas others are more expensive and take more time to complete, but they offer a more in-depth exploration. Similarly, some are better suited to complete beginners with no design experience. Whereas others are far better suited to experienced illustrators.

All the above online classes are excellent. They are the best of the best. Each is taught by an experienced and dedicated teacher and they all have lots of satisfied and happy customers.

So, which course you decide take depends on you experience, funds and spare time. Are you a complete illustration newbie? Or have you got years of experience in the creative industry and just want to refresh your knowledge? Do you have a huge amount of money to spend on your skill development? Do you have a lot of spare time, or are you just looking for a quick, but effective, skill top up?

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