7 Online Courses to Teach You How to Ace Job Interview Questions

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Learning how to answer job interview questions is the key to success. So, if you’re someone who is on the hunt for new ventures and wants to learn how to job search – look no further.  We have spent the time researching the best job interview questions courses that are available online. We have included both free and paid courses, that are suitable for all levels, to ensure that you can find a course best suited to you!

But first, let’s answer a very important question – what types of questions will you be asked in an interview and why should you answer them?

You can be asked all types of weird and wonderful interview questions. You may be asked simple questions, such as “tell me about yourself“. Or, you might be asked more challenging questions, such as what your weaknesses are, your five-year plan and why you should be hired. 

Nailing these questions is important for one reason: it puts you at a better chance of getting that job you really want. If employers don’t like what they see in the initial interview, it is very unlikely that you’ll progress through to later stages.  

You can learn how to ace interview questions through online learning courses. Suitable for all levels, I have spent the time researching the best online interview question tutorials out there. So, if you’re looking to improve at interviewing and land your dream job, there will be an online course out there for you!


1. The Complete Job Interviewing Skills Masterclass Course (Udemy)

  • Level: All levels
  • Completion time: 1h 25m
  • Cost: $94.99
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 77,148
  • Course rating: 4.5/5 (out of 1,608 ratings)

Suitable for job applicants all the way through to serious professionals, this course will show you how to master the job interview! 

Taught by TJ Walker, someone who has more than 30 years of coaching executives on their interviewing and presentation skills in the corporate world, you will leave this course feeling confident that you have learn what you need to. 

You will take a look at developing a winning mindset, preparing for an interview, eliminating nerves, rehearsing interview questions and much more! So, if you want to dramatically improve your interviewing skills… then enroll today! 


2. Job Interview Secrets: Your Guide To Master Every Interview! (Skillshare) 

  • Level: Beginner
  • Completion time: 31m
  • Cost: 14-day free trial
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 2,690
  • Course rating: N/A

Job interviewing is a learned skill – very few people are naturally good interviewees. Yet, this course is designed to transform you into someone who is good at interviewing and can land their dream job. 

In only a short amount of time, you will learn: about the interview process, the anticipated questions to ask, how to research the company, what you can offer an employer, how to respond to questions in an enthusiastic manner and how to be persistent. Once completed, you will also complete a hands-on project, where you create responses to five questions, to really solidify your knowledge and give you the best chance of landing a job. 


3. Resume, Networking and Interview Skills (edX)  

  • Level: Beginner
  • Completion time: Approx. 9h 
  • Cost: Approx. $150
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: N/A
  • Course rating: N/A

Offered by FullbridgeX, you will learn how to sell yourself and secure a job that appeals to you. 

In this course, you will learn how to construct eye-catching resumes and cover letters and how to grow your network. After, you will learn how to prepare for, and excel, in any interview, and how to effectively follow up with interviewers and hiring managers throughout the interview process. 

By the end of the course, you will be fully equipped with the skills to make a lasting impression on hiring managers, and others, throughout your search for that dream job. 


4. Pass your job interview in English: Get your dream job! (Udemy)

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Completion time: 1h 59m 
  • Cost: $79.99
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 10,347
  • Course rating: 4.6/5 (out of 3,523 ratings)

Suitable for those who aren’t fluent in English, but have a good understanding of the language, this course will tech you how to answer the most common job interview questions… and how to avoid the most common mistakes with English prepositions. 

In just under 2 hours, you will get access to 100 example answers in British accents, special fluency skills videos and STAR interview videos. After, you should be able to tell the best stories for maximum success so that you can land that dream job that requires English speakers. 


5. How to Succeed at: Interviews (Future Learn) 

  • Level: All levels
  • Completion time: Approx. 9h 
  • Cost: Free
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 268,588
  • Course rating: 4.7/5 (out of 397)

Offered by the University of Sheffield, a leading University in the U.K., this course will help you improve your chances of success in getting a job. You will learn how to apply best practice techniques to enable you to tackle interviews, so that you can have a good chance of landing that dream job! 

You will be taught how to identify what questions you may be asked in an interview, how to approach answering different types of questions and how to develop a better understanding of your strengths, skills and key selling points to tackle interviews with confidence. Once completed, you will have developed a great understanding of interviews and how to tackle them! 


6. Ace the Job Interview – Incl. the 20 Questions and Answers to Prepare (Skillshare)  

  • Level: All levels
  • Completion time: 1h 37m 
  • Cost: 14-day free trial 
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 647
  • Course rating: N/A

In this Skillshare course, you will learn how to ensure you leave nothing to chance. Felix Peeters has helped hundreds of professionals with their interview and getting into top-tier firms and schools. 

You will learn how to enter an interview, how to speak and use your tone and how to behave and compose yourself during an interview. You will also learn how to structure your answers and prepare for 20 common interview questions. Ideally, this course is suitable for those applying for roles in marketing, sales, project management, administration, accounting, auditing, pharmacy or consulting. 


7. Accomplishment STAR Techniques for Job Interviews (Coursera) 

  • Level: All levels
  • Completion time: 1h 
  • Cost: Enroll for Free
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 1,588
  • Course rating: 4.6/5 (out of 25)

Beginner-friendly, this course is suitable for anyone wanting to create a compelling STAR techniques for job interviews. This STAR techniques uses the job description so that you can accurately identify phrases and statements you should be using. 

By the end of this step-by-step guide, you should feel confident using this special technique and will be able to recite your STAR technique in 60-90 seconds.  



So, there you have it… the 7 best online courses to teach you how to ace any job interview. These classes are suited to anyone who is wanting to progress in their career and find a new job. 

Having the ability to communicate within an interview will aid you in literally every career, as there are very few jobs that don’t require an interview. To gather these life-changing skills, there are lots of online courses available for you.

There are courses that take as little as an hour to complete, and there are courses that take much longer to complete! However, these online classes in this list are the best of the best. Each is taught by an experienced and dedicated teacher, and they all have lots of satisfied and happy customers.

So, which course you decide to take depends on your experience, funds and spare time. Are you someone who has lots of managerial experience? Or, are you completely new to managerial roles? Do you have a huge amount of money to spend on your skill development? Do you have a lot of spare time, or are you just looking for a quick, but effective, skill top-up?

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