7 Best Customer Service Skills Courses Online

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Are you looking for the best customer service skills classes online? If yes, then you’re in the right place! We’ve put together a list of the best customer service skill courses on the internet. We’ve included both free and paid courses to give you a variety of options.

But first, let’s answers an important question – what are customer service skills, and why do you want them?

Customer service skills are the traits and characteristics that you can use to help customers, clients or others in the workplace. For roles in industries such as sales, retail, call centers, healthcare, hospitality and real estate, customer service skills are often considered a necessary soft skills! Improving your communication skills and ability to manage customer and client relationships is a great way to make yourself more competitive in the job market, or to earn a promotion.

Some examples of customer service skills include communication, empathy, timeliness, knowledge of products or services, problem-solving and patience!

The best way to learn to build excellent customer service skills is through online learning, and then putting these skills into practice. Suitable for those of all levels, I have spent the time researching the best online customer service tutorials out there. If you’re looking to progress your skills, either for a career in a customer service role, or to just to enhance your skill set, there will be an online course for you.


1. Customer Service: Soft Skills Fundamentals (Udemy)

  • Level: Beginner
  • Completion time: 40m
  • Cost: $39.99
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 33,936
  • Course rating: 4.6/5 (out of 12,707 ratings)

Suitable for complete customer service newbies, the instructors of this course knows how intimidating starting a new career in customer service can be… and she wants to help you nail those skills!

In just 40 minutes you will go over 22 lectures that will teach you how to take care of yourself, whilst taking care of others. You will also learn how to be personable and how to prepare yourself to deal with all types of customers . Finally, you will learn how to really understand each customer, and not just half-heartedly listen to them. After completing this short course, you should feel confident dealing with all different types of customers!


2. Customer Service Mastery: Delight Every Customer (Udemy)

  • Level: All levels
  • Completion time: 2h 14m
  • Cost: $69.99
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 21,196
  • Course rating: 4.6/5 (out of 9,687 ratings)

Designed for anyone managing a company or a team of any size (now or soon), those who want a career that focuses on customer care or management or those looking to grow their sales through customer referrals and repeat business, this course is for those who really want to stand out!

In this course, you will learn 30 unique ways to create customer care delights and provide every customer you face with incredible service! You will learn how to reflect on past experiences, how to turn customers into lifelong fans and how to benefit from repeat sales! On top of this, as a manager and team leader you will also learn how to motivate your employees.


3. Writing Customer Service Emails (LinkedIn Learning)

  • Level: Beginner
  • Completion time: 33m
  • Cost: 1-month free trial
  • Certification: Yes
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 206,187
  • Course rating: N/A

Leslie O’Flahavan is an online writing expert who believes that anyone can write excellent customer service emails. In this short LinkedIn class, Leslie will teach you how to write these emails with consistency and professionalism.

You will go over a series of real customer service emails, so that you can see how to communicate with clarity and sincerity. As a result, you should start to find that your customers feel heard and that every email you type gives them the response that they need.


4. Brilliant Customer Service: How to Impress your Customers (Udemy)

  • Level: All levels
  • Completion time: 1h 15m
  • Cost: $39.99
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 17,302
  • Course rating: 4.5/5 (out of 8,654 ratings)

To complete this course, there are no specific requirements… just the desire to become a customer service guru!

Throughout this Udemy course, you will acquire all the skills you need to ensure that you can implement high quality customer service. Such skills include the ability to handle complaints, enhance your people skills in a way that differentiates you from competition, and deal with difficult or angry customers.

By the end of this course, you should have the customer service skills that will differentiate you from competition. You should feel confident communicating face-to-face with customers, and over the telephone or email.


5. Customer Service – English Essentials (Skillshare)

  • Level: All levels
  • Completion time: 1h 15m
  • Cost: 14-day free trial
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 1,107
  • Course rating: N/A

In this course you will learn all the phrases, sentences and tips that non-native English speakers can use to handle any customer service situation politely and naturally.

Each unique lesson on this course is designed to prepare you for nearly every situation you my face in the customer service world – from dealing with angry customers to explaining how to resolve an issue step-by-step. As a bonus, you will also be able to practice what you learn and develop your ability to deal with challenging situations and customers.

By the end of this course, you should feel confident speaking to customers, in english, over the phone on a daily basis.


6. Creating Positive Conversations with Challenging Customers (LinkedIn Learning)

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Completion time: 30m
  • Cost: 1-month free trial
  • Certification: Yes
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 191,247
  • Course rating: N/A

Myra Golden is an author, trainer and keynote speaker and for over 20 years, she has been helping companies improve their customer service training workshops… and now she wants to help you gather the best customer service skills possible!

In just over half an hour, you will learn how to cope when you are faced with angry customers who are fuming over a delay, cancellation or objection. You will be taught how to address their issues professionally and how to reframe conversations to appear positive and in their favour. On top of this, Myra will also teach you how to use empathy and pacing to create a connection with a customer and leave them feeling heard and satisfied.


7. Customer Service Level 2 (Reed Courses)

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Completion time: 11 weeks
  • Cost: Free
  • Certification: Yes
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 142,811
  • Course rating: 3.9/5

Completely free, this course will help you to develop your customer service knowledge so that your daily interactions are enhanced, and so that your CV stands out from others.

In this course, you will learn about how to deliver excellent customer service by improving your communication skills to strengthen your relationships and interactions with customers and colleagues. You will also develop the knowledge and principles to underpin outstanding customer care, and develop a huge amount of transferrable skills that can be used in any industry. To top this all off, this course also includes an exam at the end, so that you can really solidify your knowledge!



So, there you have it… the 7 best customer service skills courses that are available online. These classes are suited to anyone who is wanting to develop their customer service skills to become a fantastic manager.

There are lots of online options available for you to progress your customer service skills! There are free courses that take as little as an hour to complete, and there are more expensive courses that much longer to complete! Some courses are suitable for complete customer service and managerial newbies. Whereas other courses are better suited for those with lots of experience using these skills, but are looking to increase their skill set further.

The online classes in this list are the best of the best. Each is taught by an experienced and dedicated teacher, and they all have lots of satisfied and happy customers.

So, which course you decide take depends on your experience, funds and spare time. Are you a complete newbie to the managerial world? Or have you already got excellent general managerial skills but just want to further develop your customer service skills? Do you have a huge amount of money to spend on your skill development? Do you have a lot of spare time, or are you just looking for a quick, but effective, skill top up?


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