A short, but sweet, review of Udemy

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If you have ever searched for online educational courses, then I am almost certain you will have stumbled across Udemy. It is one of the most popular and well-known online learning and teaching marketplaces in the world.

With over 100,000 courses in over 65 different languages and 24 million students (or so they say), it certainly looks attractive… So, I decided to review Udemy.

They offer courses for a wide range of subjects. However, their top categories being design, development, marketing, IT and software, personal development, business and music.

As Udemy is developed with the intention of providing all types of people with an ability to learn new things, I decided to create an account (which was free) and do a bit of digging to see if Udemy really warrants it’s popularity.

The price of a Udemy subscription

Let’s not beat around the bush, I will first answer the question that everyone wants to know. How much does it cost and is it worth the price?

According to Udemy, they do not determine how much each course costs. The cost of the course is determined by each individual course provider. Due to this, course prices can vary significantly. In general, the more information the course provides or the tougher the subject or the longer the course takes (more hours of teaching), then the more expensive it is.

There are, however, some free course offered on Udemy. Importantly, just because they are free, it doesn’t mean they are bad. They are often free due to promotions by Udemy. Or, because the course provider wants to raise awareness of themselves and get more students for future teaching (which I assume they then charge for).

Site navigation

Now, I am no computer whiz, but I could easily navigate the site to get where I wanted. It was exactly what I expected, and I found it quick and simple to work my way around.

Firstly, I created an account, which was super easy to do and took seconds. To register, all you have to is just type in your name, an email address and a password. However, I must admit, I was getting very annoyed when the site kept telling me to make my password stronger.

You can then easily pick an area that you’re interested in learning about. After deciding, you watch a brief video and read the description about the course and then add it to cart (if you like it). At the checkout, just select a payment method and then the course ready for you to use… easy!

Overall, the site navigation and aesthetics is nothing mind blowing, in fact it kind of reminds me a bit of the amazon website. But it is super easy to navigate and serves the purpose.

Content quality of Udemy

If you’re paying for something, you want it to be worth it.

Obviously, I cannot test every single course out to make an opinion for myself. And, even if I did invest the rest of my life into assessing every single one of these course, I wouldn’t know enough about most of the topics to make a decision on whether they are any good!

What is more, is that the courses are actually added and promoted by the course provider themselves. So, I don’t believe that Udemy check the content of the thousands of courses on there. I could be wrong though.

Due to this, I turned to our trusty friend Google. I reviewed the comments made by individuals online who have used the courses. There are, of course, some negative reviews. However, many of the reviews were positive and posted by customers who seemed to be pleased with the quality and content of the course and were satisfied with what they learnt.

It is important to note that the courses offered on Udemy are not accredited by educational institutions. This could be seen as a negative, but in reality this is totally fair enough, considering the price of most of the courses.

Learning experience 

Again, I didn’t review any of the actual courses to test out the learning experience. Even if I did, everyone has a unique  learning style and what benefitted me may not be of any benefit you.

Again, I turned to the reviews of Udemy customers to assess the learning experience of the courses offered on the site. In all fairness, most of the reviews about the learning experience are pretty good. There were a few people who didn’t think the course the learning experience was excellent, but they may have found this because they are the type of people who struggle with online learning in general. A few customers also reported technical issues (e.g., videos kept pausing). However, this could be a problem at their own end with WIFI or computer software.


In general, Udemy appears to have pretty good feedback. The courses are reasonably priced and the website is easy to use. More importantly, the quality of what is taught is up to scratch and they are taught in a way the is easy to learn.

It is important to remember that Udemy is a money-making operation. Sure, they may be genuinely interested in helping people learn. But, they do also need to make money, meaning that may add courses with low educational value, but high profit value.

However, in the current work climate there is a focus on what we know and skills and experience we have. Therefore, Udemy is a useful tool that doesn’t require you to dedicate every waking hour to and won’t break your bank!

I don’t think I would recommend using a Udemy course to start a whole new career. As the courses aren’t accredited, they probably wouldn’t stand out in comparison to those with experience or related degrees. However, it is an excellent way to enhance your skills and to gain a little bit more valuable knowledge – thus making you more competitive in the job market.


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