The Year of Quiet Hiring: 2023 Looks Different Already

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While 2022 marked the year of quiet quitting, 2023 sees a new trend of quiet hiring. Now, what does that even mean? Internal hiring? Not exactly. External hiring? A short-term contractor strategy? Yes. New responsibilities to cover long-term leaves (without an increase in salary!) and layoffs from the previous year? Also yes. This HR trend is occuring both internally and externally.

Most often, it’s having a company pile on more work for a current employee and give responsibilities outside of their job description without a raise. So, basically an internal promotion without the change in job title or salary. More work, same pay will likely result in a decrease in productivity. High achievers can deliver up to a whopping 400% more output than the average employee.

Companies are hiring quietly by storm in 2023 to cut costs even more by assigning top performers more tasks. The people who go above and beyond to take on extra work? The ones who stand out to top executives? Their reward: more requirements to secure their current role. Google’s already been doing this for a while under the radar. Because times are tough, right?

Now, is that a form of hush-hush workplace bullying or control when it comes internally? It can very well resemble so. We’ll explore the various reasons and statistics on why quiet hiring is becoming the next big thing of 2023.

Quiet Hiring Infographic: The Trend, in Pictures