Affiliate Disclosure

Here at The Career Project, we’re big believers in transparency. As such, we want to make sure you understand that The Career Project is an affiliate partner with a number of different platforms, brands and advertisers. In these cases, we may receive a commission from purchases that you make when you click through using our affiliate link.  Please understand that this commission adds NO additional cost to you, and in some cases we’re actually able to negotiate special discounts or offers to get you a better deal than is available independently of this arrangement.

We sometimes promote affiliate products in our articles, blog posts, pages and social media posts. Currently we are working with Truity, Skillshare and Udemy as affiliates of theirs, and we may expand to include other companies as well in the future.

We also run banner and video advertisements on our site that are served by the Google AdSense network and/or Mediavine. We try our best to keep these relevant and unobtrusive.

On a personal note, The Career Project is not just a business venture for me – its a true mission project that I’m passionate about. As such, we only participate in affiliate arrangements to promote products and services that we have investigated, trust and believe to be worthwhile for our readers.

So why any affiliate offers at all?  And why banner advertisements for that matter?  Well, although The Career Project is a mission and a labor of love, its actually quite expensive to maintain! We have lots of costs including copywriting, web development, hosting and occasionally compensation offered to those who complete our job profile surveys. Heck, we even have a scholarship!

So if you do purchase a product from an affiliate link on our website, please accept our sincere thanks. This helps us continue to run this site and hopefully helps us make a positive impact in your career journey.

Please reach out to us with any questions.

Best Regards,

Jon Payne
Director, The Career Project

Last Updated: September 30, 2021