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What is The Career Project?

The Career Project exists to help you identify and pursue a career that pays your bills and contributes to your sense of meaning and fulfillment.

We do this by researching, interviewing, assembling and publishing the “inside scoop” on a wide range of careers. Unlike other sites that primarily focus on quantitative career information, our goal is to give you the subjective qualitative information you are looking for. What’s that career really like? Do people actually enjoy it? What are the best and worst aspects of it? We’ll help you find these answers.

Our content is primarily broken into these major sections:

  • Career Guides provide a thorough look at each career and summarize the key points and action steps to get your foot in the door.
  • Job Profiles are personal, real-world stories and opinions from individuals who are actually working in each career.
  • Personality Tests are designed to help you better assess and understand your personality, and how this relates to your career search.
  • Career Tests look at your skills and interests to match

The school system makes little attempt to help students learn about different careers. Most are only familiar with the work their parents and relatives do, as well as those in the community we see regularly (doctors, lawyers, police officers, dentists, etc.). But there are quite literally hundreds of different careers and thousands of specializations out there, many of which you likely just don’t know about. We’d like to change that.

I would always ask them.. so you are a manufacturing accountant? a development assistant… a research analyst… a QA software developer… What does that actually mean? What do you do all day? Do you like it?

Alicia Schwartz, Founder

Our goal is to help you think through planning your new career or career change decision to first consider yourself, and then consider which of the many different careers out there is the best fit. A career that fits your unique skills, talents, interest and personality will result in you feeling happier and more fulfilled, and will cause greater overall contribution to society as a whole. And because you gave this momentous decision a little thought upfront, you can avoid unnecessary debt or delayed career growth associated with chasing a career path that doesn’t fit.

Ever wonder what it’s really like to do a certain job? Our job profiles will give you the inside scoop from people are are in the trenches actually working that job. And our career guides will paint the broader picture for you and tell you what types of people are ideal matches for each career, and then how to pursue your ideal career once you’ve identified it.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11