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If you feel a bit lost about which career to pursue then you are in the right place. Give us a chance to help guide you towards a career that you can be enjoy and be proud of. The Career Project has hundreds of career guides to help you explore the possibilities.  And we’ve got thousands of job profiles that give you the inside scoop on what its really like to work in a certain occupation. 

At The Career Project, we believe that everyone deserves to have a career that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding – one that puts your unique skills and talents to good use.  Ready to get started? Great. Let’s get to work!

Lost? Not sure where to start? Download our free 7-Step Career Roadmap.

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1. Understand YOURSELF

The first step is choosing the best career for you is getting a better understand of yourself. You need to drill a little deeper into your skills and interests and how they relate to various job opportunities. The same goes for your personality – some careers just fit certain personality types better than others. Lastly, develop your criteria for your career choice so that you can evaluate each option appropriately.

2. Explore Possible CAREERS

There are LOTS of interesting and financially rewarding careers out there that many people simply don’t know about. So take a step back and explore a little bit. There may even be some options that pay a little better than you think, or allow more flexibility than you assumed.


3. Identify Your CAREER MATCH

Once you’ve done sufficient self-reflection and also career exploration, its now decision time! We’ve got a plan to help you identify your “top 3” career options and then get real-world input from mentors and even some hands-on experience to then help you identify the ideal career match for you.

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The Career Project is dedicated to helping you identify and pursue a career that is fulfilling, financially-viable and matches up with your values, interest and life purpose.

Our site features a free online database of thousands of individual career profiles of real people working in each field. Each “career profile” is the result of a one-on-one interview with a professional. We started this site to help students and young professionals to get the “inside scoop” as to what its really like to work in a given field, or with a given job title that may pique their interest. Use the categories above to get started.

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Career Guides: Get the full story

Our career guides are comprehensive resources to learn more about a particular occupation and what is involved in obtaining a position in that field.

  • Video Intro
  • Career Ratings
  • Employability
  • Benefits & Conditions
  • Career Satisfaction
  • Requirements
  • How to Become
  • FAQs
  • Ask a Question
  • Additional Resources

Job Profiles: Get the inside scoop

Our job profiles give you a real-world peak to let you see what its really like to work in a particular job.

Section 1:  What exactly do you do?
Section 2:  Describe your work environment.
Section 3:  How does someone new to the workforce get a J-O-B like yours?
Section 4:  How did you get your job?
Section 5:  Describe your training and qualifications.
Section 6:  What are your future plans and career goals
Section 7:  A DAY IN THE LIFE OF… Please provide an hour-by-hour breakdown of how you spend your day.

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