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Female, 48, MI
I order the grocery items for the store. I oversee the employees that work on the sales floor. If we're out of an item its up yo me to find out why. At least once a shift I run a cash register when the check out lines get long. I assist customers in finding what they want or have a problem.
Female, 41, LA
supervise the sales & maintenance of the cosmetic depatment in 94 stores in my state. report to corporate offices regarding the progress with sub-par departments, work in conjunction with 4 district managers to increase sales
Female, 23, VA
Recieving new product, creating displays, cashier, closing, opening, creating and dispensing special orders, some light "housekeeping"
Male, 26, AL
Drafting, Sales, Machine Operator
Customer service, export booking management, some sales functions.

Female, 32, TN
I assist customers in determing loan values, price jewelry, check cashing, and assist customers in making purchases.
Female, 34, NY
handle day to day opertaions of the store from operations to merchandising.
Female, 26, CA
oversee store run day to day function recruit hire talent open/cose store train new associate mentor
Female, 33, NY
Take consignment appointments, log consignment items into computer software and price items based on brand label, value, etc. Tag items and put the items in the store in there proper locations.
Male, 29, NY
Stock shelves, clean, wait on customers, close 6 nights a week
Female, 37, AZ
I am an assistant deli manager. We have a very large deli department that sells prepared foods and has several food venues in it. Similar to a *food court*. I am responsible for everything the manager is responsible for, recruiting, hiring, counseling, firing, financials, ordering and preparing food, managing a labor budget. It is similar to running a small business.
Female, 38, AL
Assist customers in finding what they are looking for and try to interest them in buying the merchandise.Describe a product’s features, demonstrate its use, or show various models and colors. I have special knowledge or skills. I am trained to explain features of various models, the manufacturers’ specifications, the types of options and financing available, and the warranty.

Female, 30, WA
Customer service is always a top priority. I go through and check that our groceries scan right and fix all the errors that occur. I also do some time and attendance as needed.
Male, 26, MO
sku and bar code and scan and finacial based inventories
Female, 41, WA
Daily tasks include supervising, baking, ordering, scheduling, quality control, merchandising, sales.
Female, 45, NY
Account Payable: posting bills in QB, paid bills, matching packing slips to the bills, credit card reconciliation, credit card purchases entry in QB. Account recievable: Invoices related to the customers, payment recieved from customers and deposits to the bank. Bank: Bank reconciliation, credit card payment processing from customers. GL analyzing.
Female, 48, IL
Payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, jack of all trades!
Female, 27, MN
My major responsibilties include cashiering and basic customer sevice. It also includes shelveing and maintaining assigned section, Inventory reduction, and buying merch from customers
Female, 39, NY
Bill paying, invoicing, bank and credit card reconciliations, budgeting, collections.
Female, 22, NY
prepare cafe foods and beverages and ring up customer orders.