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57 Career Job Profile Results for Restaurant and Food Service

Female, 39, CA
to maintain and coordinate all support for the DIrector of Field Finance Department. All administratives tasks to fulfill the needs of the Director of Field Finance
Male, 26, NM
a taster
Male, 24, CA
watch over other employees, open/close store. register. customer service
Female, 41, AR
Asst. Chef/Manager. Seving 350 Meals daily,responsibility for the bakery department,purchase the food and supplies, supervision of the kitchen staff, as well as the preparation and service of the food.
Male, 33, OR
I make drinks, place orders, and do cleaning. I also cook sometimes

Female, 25, MI
Opening the bar, counting till, keno machine, gambling machine, cleaning, stocking coolers, serving food
Female, 45, CA
customer service
Male, 36, SC
I cut weigh and ship/pack beef.
Male, 22, NY
Clean and maintain the cafe and surrounding lounge area. Prepare and serve food and beverages for guests and staff. Make sure music or television is consistently playing to ensure lounge atmosphere.
Female, 22, NY
prepare cafe foods and beverages and ring up customer orders.
Female, 42, MD
ice cakes and decorate them
Male, 25, CA
I basically do everything depending on the day. I cook burgers, make fries, work the cash register, and even some janitorial work.


Ceo Job Profile (ID #2162)

Female, 26, NM
I am in charge of operations and financial aspects

Chef Job Profile (ID #1770)

Female, 26, FL

Chef Job Profile (ID #2307)

Male, 25, MD
I prepare foods for customers who can purchase them and re-heat them at home.

chef Job Profile (ID #2689)

Male, 32, PA
Kitchen manager Chef
Female, 49, AZ
train new recruits, organize test and rate and grade
Female, 36, NJ
Ordering and preparing food for 100 preschool kids
Female, 50, IL
Serve customers open and close the restaurant.
Female, 23, MN
I cook, clean, manage waste, cashier, and conduct monthly inventory.