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Female, 37, MA
I work for a non-profit feline rescue organization. I work out of a well know national pet store and care for up to 12 felines. I assist potential adopters with the process from choosing the right animal to approving the application. I also manage a pool of 25 volunteers who make sure the cats are cared for twice each day.
Male, 41, GA
prepare planes for flight, change engines, do all maintenance and taxi to gates and hangar
Male, 56, OR
All aspects of care for captive wild animals, including cleaning, feeding, medication as needed, shipping and receiving, conditioning (training), capture, restraint, environmental enrichment, facility design, media work.
Male, 26, NY
I primarly am responsible for the daily care and management of california sea lions. I also am responsible for educating visitors through daily sea lion training demonstrations and other formal/informal visitor contacts.
Male, 35, TX
My duties are to ensure the safety and well being of the casino staff and guest. I am also trained in medical assistance if an emergency should happen.

Male, 18, TX
instructing the children, running sound equipment, set up and take down.
Male, 29, NY
Oversee the daily operations of the front desk. Payroll for Group Fitness Instructors and Massage Therapists. Manage Sales staff. Advise Personal Training manager and General Manager. Bookkeeping, cash, etc.
Female, 38, CT
oversee lounge/bistro/front desk. work with general manager on rate structure/sales payroll
Managing the paperwork, including money, rooms sold, APR, etc.
Female, 50, CA
to answer calls and sumit onlien purchase for varied accts and provide training for another agent
Female, 34, PA
care, prevention, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. I travel to intercity schools and watch after school athletic contests and practices and take care of anyone who gets hurt.
Female, 23, AZ
I have to assign work, do demonstrations, grade papers, and grade practice cuts/colors/perms etc. Have to arrange for subjects to come in for the girls to practice on.


boss Job Profile (ID #2878)

Female, 35, CA
I do everything
Female, 31, NY
I have to inspect and drive a 18 passenger bus, with passengers who have a wide range of physical and developmental handicaps. I also need to conform to HIPAA regulations as well as state and federal DOT laws and regulations
Female, 33, TX
Case managing clients affected by disaster. Referring resources to clients for whatever needs it may be due to disaster.
Male, 28, PA
Drive from stop to stop while the thrower picks up the garbage, empty dumpsters, drive to the landfill and empty the truck, drive back to the shop and grease the truck and check all fluids and tires, hand in paperwork of who went/ how many cans / who has to pay extra/ hand in cash if any.
Female, 59, PA
I handle all phone calls, foot traffic, church weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter, copying, correspondence, accounts payable computer entry, offering computer entry, setting up appointments, etc.
Female, 35, KS
Cleaning the church, bathrooms, straightening, etc;
Female, 34, NY
Responsible for researching and qualifying all leads; generate ideas and initiatives for cultivating new services. Negotiate international client and vendor contracts, produce and submit proposals and RFIs. Assist with creation of marketing initiatives, materials and campaigns. Sell complex foreign language and technology solutions to large multinational corporations
Female, 41, IL
I work with the bankruptcy courts and trustees for our customers that had filed for bankruptcy. My job is to follow up on the cases as they move through the courts. When we receive checks for distribution, I apply them to the account. I also close the file when a company has been disolved.