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140 Career Job Profile Results for Mental-Health-Non-Profit

Female, 25, GA
Accepting calls, emails, and offering technical assistance to clients. Leading the team that I am on and making minor manager decisions.
Female, 47, MI
Prepare journal entries, prepare financial statements, prepare tax returns, prepare budgets
Male, 22, CA
I go over patient charts and change medication in accordance with treatment and changes in mental health.
Female, 38, NC
I approve and process grant applications.
Female, 44, FL
 Provides substance abuse evaluation and screening, suicide assessment, counseling and related services including individual, family and group therapy, as well as crisis intervention and treatment planning.  Works collaboratively with community providers and support agencies in the community. Serves as a liaison with the community mental health agencies, regarding any medication management, treatment and stabilization.  Responds to emergency calls and provides crisis intervention services to clients and families as needed.  Prepares and maintains records and reports pertaining to mental health services.  Communicates information concerning resident progress to the Court, Probation Officer and Judges as needed.

I provide support for the housing management division. This includes communicating with all property managers at remote locations, coordinating services with our accounting firm, providing information about our organization and referrals to services to outside callers, and planning an annual event for over 200 people.
Female, 27, IL
Help parents work the proper way with schools to receive special education services
Female, 27, NY
I am repsonsible for emergency food distribution. I provide paperwork assistance and trouble-shooting on any topic. Most problems pertain to public assistance, immigration, or housing. I screen and refer clients to specialists in other departments. I occasionally accompany clients to outside appointments.
Male, 26, NY
I primarly am responsible for the daily care and management of california sea lions. I also am responsible for educating visitors through daily sea lion training demonstrations and other formal/informal visitor contacts.
I conduct volunteer and child interviews, enter interview information into the AIM data base, work with school counselors to obtain referrals, and help with community events for our volunteers and children.
I work in the department of the Metropolitan Tribunal, the Ecclesiastical Court of the Archdiocese. I am responsible for ensuring that all marriage work is done in accord with the Canon Law of the church, and processing the appropriate permissions and dispensations when necessary. At the other end of the spectrum, I assist with the preliminary stages of annulment cases sent to the Tribunal for review.
Female, 22, VA
As Assistant Director, I am expected to perform and be knowledgeable about all obligations of the Director, to be able to work in her absence and make decisions. As a non-profit membership gallery, we hope is to provide guidance to our emerging artists about moving forward in their careers. We also see that shows are juried and hung smoothly; provide feedback on artists' work from the jurors; and inform them of resources and opportunities. Due to our location, the gallery sees thousands of visitors per month. When visitors are interested in seeing more work by a particular artist, we work between the artist and potential client to hopefully produce a sale. Administrative tasks include membership database oversight and basic bookkeeping.

Female, 40, PA
i oversee the daily operations of a child welfare research project
I do the filing, type labels for these files, make copies, collate, stuff envelopes, fax, work on projects, work on the database - just about everything but answer phones.
Female, 31, WI
I assist people living with HIV in getting and keeping medical benefits (medicare, medicaid, private insurance, etc.), social security disability, and helping them to resolve problems that arise with public benefit programs.
Female, 23, TX
I counsel women about the benefits of breastfeeding. Take inventory of state funded supplies.
Female, 43, ME
Perform eligibility intakes, assessments, one on one counseling, career workshops, guidance, resume assistance
Female, 26, KS
Counsel students, alumni and community members in career exploration, job search, résumés and vocational assessment Present on multiple topics including job skills, elevator speeches, advertisement of services and résumés Share in responsibility for career fairs and interviewing events
Female, 30, ND
assist students in job search, application and resumes, interviewing skills; plan community classes and summer camps, advise students in career and major choice.
Female, 22, CT
Meet with residents of the shelter to help them update/create resumes, apply for jobs, and enroll in various therapy classes. Also go out in the field to deliver lunches to the unsheltered homeless