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109 Career Job Profile Results for Legal-Law-Enforcement

Female, 23, WA
Editing bills, sending out late notices on delinquent payments, working with accounting as far as general filing duties, organization
Female, 50, NY
Patent/Trademark research; filing trademarks (electronically); generated weekly docket reports; special projects; docketing (actions)
Female, 26, TX
Billing assistant, support secretaries, paralegals, and attorneys, maintain machines, IT personnel
Female, 46, NC
My duties include typing, filing, drafting, scheduling trips, meetings, depositions, court hearings.
Enforce security rules and regulations set by TSA and the airport. Inspect airport structure, grounds and tenants that they comply with all security programs. Teach security training to employees of both the airport and tenants.

Male, 35, TX
My duties are to ensure the safety and well being of the casino staff and guest. I am also trained in medical assistance if an emergency should happen.
Female, 40, TX
Represent the state and its employees in state and federal lawsuits relating to employment and civil rights.
I defend State employees who are sued in State or Federal Court for conduct that occurred on the job.
Female, 28, NY
I am responsible for all Human Resource information produced in our firm, I am responsible for the secretarial, records and office services staff. Dealing with absenteeism, coverage, accounts payable/accounts receivable.
New York Stock Exchange compliance, Securities Exchange Commission compliance, Corporate Governance, Mergers & Acquisition
Female, 30, IL
I write legal motions and pleadings. I also prepare memorandum for firm use. I attend court hearings such as obtaining orders of protections. I prepare and review immigration documents for change of status applicants.
Male, 28, NY
I perform legal research, draft legal papers, do extensive work in the discovery phase, and research various issues relating to commercial litigation.

Female, 28, MD
I draft and respond to discovery as well as motions, I research legal issues, I organize medical records and legal documents. I aid in all facets of trial preparation and participate in trials as well including the arguing of motions and even trying smaller persnoal injury cases.
Female, 30, TX
Research, draft memos to the clients, take depositions
Male, 28, IL
I review documents to determine the relevance to the litigation.
Male, 34, MO
Legal work for clients -- mostly transactional work
Female, 27, NY
general litigation prep, rief writing, deposition prep
Female, 31, OR
I represent indigent defendants during probaion violation hearings, pleas, trials, and sentencing.
Female, 26, MO
As a younger associate, my job responsibilities are primarily to provide support and services to more senior attorneys. I do legal research, document review, drafting of most kinds of pleadings, drafting of legal memoranda, trial support, and court appearances for more minor cases and hearings. Young attorneys also do pro bono (free) legal work to get greater familiarities with client contact and trial experiences.
Female, 28, NY
I am a criminal defense attorney for indigent criminal defendants. I receive files on a daily basis and must review them. I am in court every day handling motions and arraignments. On average, I have around 75 cases. I have a case from beginning to end. A case can resolve at arraignment or go all the way to trial. Given that, I may have a case for as few as a week or as long as a year.